AMK Temperature Hits 32.4°C On 13 Oct Morning As S’pore Residents Feel The Heat

Humidity In Singapore Forecast At 70-95%, Bring Out Your Second Fan If You Have One

You know you’re living in Singapore when you start feeling hot and sticky even while seated and working from home.

Humidity is the name of the game these days as the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) forecasted on Wednesday (13 Oct).

Even some thundery showers are unlikely to stop Singaporeans from sweating as humidity was forecast to be between 70-95%.


Temperatures also reached a maximum of 32°C this morning, as recorded in Ang Mo Kio.

Humidity forecast as being 70-95% on 13 Oct

Even the rain and cloudy weather can’t stop us from sweating.

Ang Mo Kio reached 32.4°C this morning even as some rain occurred in central and southern areas.

Although thundery showers were forecast for today, humidity is also at 70-95%.


We hope you have deodorant prepared, though that is neither here nor there if you’re in an air-conditioned environment.

It’s probably not a bad day for a picnic at Marina Barrage, although of course, do keep to prevailing safe management measures if you do head out.

Warm weather forecasted in October

We can’t say we didn’t see the current state of affairs coming, since MSS has already forecasted warm weather for the first 2 weeks of October.

S’pore Expected To Be Warmer In 1st Half Of Oct, Temperatures May Hit 35°C

Warm nights will also be a thing, with temperatures expected to hit 28°C at night.

Comfy and cooling nights, these will not be. This is a reminder to hydrate yourself.

Hope for better weather soon

We can only hope that the coming fortnight will bring about cooler weather as we approach the monsoon season.

Additionally, with vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) in place, we suspect many will use a vacation as a getaway from our humid island.

All we can say now is to hang in there and sweat it out, while checking the weather forecast daily.

Climate change is real and we can definitely do more to reverse the impact we’ve already had on mother nature.

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