New Salary Site Lets You Find Out If You’re Underpaid Or Overpaid In S’pore

Answers.SG Survey Shows If You’re Being Paid Fairly In Singapore

In conservative Asian societies like Singapore, several topics easily fall through the cracks of casual small-talk.

They range from salary terms, dating history to parental allowance. Like it or not, these are often questions many find uncomfortable answering but are dying to ask.

The truth is, having a rough answer to these ‘taboo’ questions can provide invaluable guidance in various aspects of life.

That’s why this website Answers.SG endeavours to help Singaporeans answer some of their most sought-after questions.

By spending less than 20 seconds doing a survey, you’ll see where you stand amongst peers in terms of salary, dating history, and more.

Salary site Answers.SG shows if you’re fairly paid

Answers.SG is a website that aims to provide data on sensitive issues that most Singaporeans are too paiseh to ask. Amongst them is the question of salaries.

While many would like to know industry-specific salary terms, the question of “How much do you earn?” isn’t exactly the easiest to utter.

Well, the good news is you won’t have to. Answers.SG gives you an accurate overview of Singaporeans’ average salaries by age and industry.

While the infographic was completed after 2,456 respondents, the sample size – when last checked – has garnered over 7,800 entries.

If you’d like to know where you stand amongst your peers, simply spend 20 seconds completing a survey to find out.

Here’s an example of a person comparing their monthly salary of $3,700 with that of their peers.

Sample survey results

The website assures all users their data will remain anonymous.

Long-term relationships & parental allowance

Besides the salary concern, Answers.SG also addresses questions like how many long-term partners people have had before entering a marriage.

So if you’re curious about whether you’ve had way too many breakups for someone your age, the ‘Singapore Love Survey‘ might have the answers.

Sample survey results

Likewise, if you’re feeling uncertain about the allowance you give to your parents, you can check what the ‘market rate’ is like via the ‘Parent Allowance Survey‘.

10% of monthly salary is the median so far

That way, you won’t have to lose face by asking a friend, since Answers.SG has all the deets you’ll need.

If you have an idea for a survey or simply want to speak to the people behind Answers.SG, email them at Visit the site here.

Safe avenue to get reliable answers

With much misinformation floating around to these sensitive yet essential questions, this website aims to provide credible answers.

MOM data available at the moment has a huge sample size, but it presents a very general overview.

While it provides general age bands and vocations, it does not separate the salary data into exact ages or allow filtering of this data by education levels or industry you’re in.

Answers.SG’s aim is to provide hyper-accurate data at a granular level, so Singaporeans know exactly how their earning power compares with that of their peers, who are of similar ages and educational backgrounds.

So if you’re a 25-year-old degree holder in the media industry, you can now make an accurate comparison, which was impossible before this.

Having the resource at your fingertips will surely help you make major decisions confidently as well. The next time you need some guidance to navigate adult life, you’ll know just where to go.

Disclaimer: Answers.SG is an initiative started by, a brand affiliated with MS News.

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Featured image adapted from Answers.SG.

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