These Anti-Fog Lenses Will Stop Mask Breath From Fogging Up Your Glasses

Shamir Offers Free Anti-Fog Lens Coating Worth $150 Till 31 Jul

Ever since the Singapore government made it mandatory for all to wear masks when out, bespectacled citizens face a new first-world problem — foggy lenses.

It’s one thing to repeatedly breathe into a humid mask, but inhaling stale, warm air on top of not being able to see clearly — now that’s just horrible.


Imagine trying to choose your favourite cai png dishes properly while your mask breath fogs up your spectacles, blurring your vision with a layer of condensation.

As our eyes are the windows to our souls, here’s how to never miss out on your one true economy rice pairing ever again.

Anti-fog lenses to the rescue

With Singapore entering the super hot & humid season, foggy lenses are going to be more commonplace, even without masks.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tripped on road kerbs after alighting from Grab rides due to fogged up glasses.

Seeing as we’ll be camping in aircon environments even after ‘Circuit Breaker’ ends, blurred vision will hit us once we step out of cold spaces.


Thankfully, Shamir’s anti-fog lenses exist to ensure that never comes to happen, also keeping us free from tripping and allowing us to pick our cai png dishes leisurely.

Bespoke lenses for all eye prescriptions

While this is great and all, customers with more specialised prescriptions might feel left out, as not all optical companies offer all types of lenses.

Luckily, Shamir caters to lifestyles of all types.

From sporty siblings with myopia, to parents with presbyopia, customised lenses are available for patrons of different age groups & hobbies.

Image courtesy of Shamir Singapore

Upon reaching our late 30s, long-sightedness may begin setting in — making reading or using mobile phones a challenge.

Progressive lenses – Shamir’s specialty – help minimise dizziness or distortion so you won’t feel that out-of-body, otherworldly nausea when you shift your field of vision.

Same lenses used by healthcare personnel

Unlike other lenses which need anti-fog sprays or special cloth wipes, Shamir’s anti-fog lenses don’t need to be “activated”.

These are the same lenses that the brand is donating to healthcare personnel battling Covid-19 on the frontline.

If Shamir’s anti-fog technology is good enough for frontline healthcare personnel, rest assured it’s definitely good for us too.

Free anti-fog coating upgrade for lenses till 31 Jul

If you’re looking for high quality lenses with a quick turnaround, Shamir’s extensive 48-year reputation will surely set your mind – and eyes – at ease.

Image courtesy of Shamir Singapore

The special anti-fog coating – worth $150 – comes as a free upgrade if you purchase any Shamir lenses from now till 31 Jul at 43 partner outlets across the island.

Lenses available at 43 locations islandwide

You can get your hands on Shamir lenses at the following stores:







We’ve pinned the Google Map locations & contact info of each partner outlet via the hyperlinks for easy access.

Eye care is a long-term investment

As the average Singaporean spends 17 hours a day awake, approximately 70% of our day is spent looking at things.

Given such heavy use of our eyes, we need to invest in proper eyewear if we want to have good eyesight even in our later years.

Do remember to practise good eye care habits & take ample breaks by looking at something green far away every 30 min.

This post is written in collaboration with Shamir Singapore Pte Ltd.

Featured image adapted from Twitter.

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