Apple AirTag Lets You Track Items Through The iPhone ‘Find My’ Function

Supermarket runs can be a little tough with kids around. Scrambling around, baskets in hand, all while keeping a look out for your kids who can be there one second and disappear the next.

It would be nice if we could just look them up on our phones.

Apple has answered our prayers and unveiled the AirTag, a small, circular accessory that helps keep track of and find items (or people) with Apple’s Find My app.


This new product in the Apple family will be useful for tracking anything important to you, with the device sending you notifications if you ever get separated with them.

No more scrambling around after realising your kids aren’t tailing behind.

AirTags produce sounds to pinpoint a location

Supermarkets are huge and even the most seasoned auntie can get lost between the aisles, better yet a small child.

Having accurate locations coupled with an audio clue can pinpoint any location.

That’s why Apple made things easier for the rest of us. After setting up the AirTag, you can find the new items listed on the ‘Find My’ app that comes downloaded free with every iPhone.

Users can then locate their items’ current or last location on the map. Just like when you lose your keys, it’s always in the last place you haven’t looked at.


And if you’re in Bluetooth range, users can use the app to play a sound from the AirTag to help locate it. You can even ask for Siri’s help in locating your item.

Even if you’re out of Bluetooth range, with the help of the vast ‘Find My’ network, it can detect Bluetooth signals from a lost AirTag and relays the location back to its owner. Anonymously and privately.

Long gone are the days of wild goose chases around the house and public spaces.

Seamless integration with Apple systems

New technology can be finnicky at first. But with an upcoming iOS update, setting up the AirTag will be as easy as it was with the AirPods.


Just bringing it close to your iPhone with Bluetooth enabled, which will prompt a ‘Connect’ option. You can then name your AirTag with default titles like ‘Keys’ or ‘Jacket’, or provide a custom name like, ‘Favourite Son’ or ‘Second Daughter’.


Apple AirTag is sold separately or in packs of 4

No matter how big or small the family is, Apple has come up with 2 different purchasing options for consumers.

You could get a single one or a pack of 4. Customisation options for the AirTag come in the form of engravings, chosen from a selection of 31 emojis or text.


Not much bigger than the size of a bottle-cap, the AirTag features a built-in speaker, accelerometer, Bluetooth, and a user-replaceable battery that boasts a year of battery life.

Its discreet design makes it easy to tuck away secretly in a pocket or bag flap.


However, Apple did provide a wide array of Apple-designed AirTag accessories, including the Polyurethane Loop, the Leather Loop and Leather Key Ring. Making attaching these trackers more convenient and fashionable.


With options aplenty, every member of the family could get a combination specially designed for them.

Launching on 23 Apr

The Apple AirTag will be available on the Apple website at 8pm on 23 Apr, with prices starting at $45 for one and $149 for a pack of 4.

It only comes in white but engraving is free if you get them online. And there’s free delivery too.

Never lose sight of your kids again

Everyone knows how uncontrollable some kids can get. Their boundless energy coupled with an inquisitive mind can make anyone lose sight of them when they go off on their own little adventures.

Technology has completely changed how parents operate in this day and age, case in point, with iPads being a godsend for tired parents looking for respite.

Now with the introduction of the AirTag, many hearts can rest easy knowing that if you do lose your kids, you can always find them again with a few swipes on the phone.

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Featured image adapted from Apple.