Auntie Takes Mask Hanging On Clothes Rack, Then Walks Away

Face masks are a prized commodity due to the Covid-19 pandemic — after all, we’re advised mask up when heading outdoors.

But some of us, it seems, may prize these masks a little more than most.

A bizarre situation was caught on a CCTV camera, in which an auntie appeared to swipe someone else’s used mask left hanging to dry outside their home.

The footage quickly went viral on multiple social media sites on Saturday (16 May). You can watch the 15-sec clip on All Singapore Stuff here.

Netizens were quick to point out that there were perhaps better ways to ensure our reuseable masks remain clean & dry, and ensure everyone’s safety.

Auntie spots mask hanging on clothes rack and takes it

The incident, which took place at Jalan Bahar on Friday (15 May), features a masked lady carrying a few bags of items.

As she’s walking past a bamboo clothes rack, she spots a lone black mask hanging on one of the racks.


The reuseable mask clearly caught her attention, as she stops to examine it for a few moments.


It’s worth noting at this point that the mask was likely used and so isn’t shareable, even if washed.

However, this fact doesn’t seem to deter her, and so she reaches out to claim the prize.


Upon a close examination, she decides to walk off with the mask in hand within the next 5 seconds.


Netizens share how to wash and hang masks

Some netizens, while amused, also think that the way the mask was hanged potentially invites situations like the one depicted above.


In any case, one shouldn’t be hanging a mask in that matter outdoors due to the potential health risks involved, another netizen pointed out.


One other netizen suggested that taking someone else’s used mask also invites the same sort of health risks.


Hang your mask to dry safely

We’re not sure what became of the mask that was taken, but we hope it’s not being reused.

Although it might be common sense to not take a mask hanging outside, some people may still do so for various reasons.

To prevent such situations from occurring, we advise residents to hang masks out in a safe area after washing, perhaps indoors.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.