S’porean Travellers To Bangkok Should Bring N95 Masks Due To Toxic Haze

Bangkok Is Running Out of Pollution Masks & Air Purifiers

If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, make sure you add N95 masks to your packing list.

Bangkok, one of the world’s top tourist destinations, has been reeling under choking air pollution for nearly two weeks now.

The country’s worst air pollution was recorded on Tuesday (5 Feb), citing an Air Quality Index (AQI) peak of 173 which is well beyond the safety limit of 100.


The air quality in Thailand’s capital has hit such toxic levels that the residents are forced to remain indoors and avoid outdoor activities.

Bangkok authorities have intervened to ease the situation and even issued an unprecedented order to shut nearly 450 schools on 30 Jan.

Measures the authorities have taken

The authorities have seeded clouds to provoke rain, sprayed roads with water to catch micro-pollutants. They’ve also urged owners of diesel-run vehicles to only use their cars in Greater Bangkok when it is absolutely necessary.


As a long-term solution, the government has promised to improve the integrated public-transportation system, fuel quality and exhaust fume standards.

Bring a N95 mask

Bringing a N95 mask is absolutely essential.

If you are going to Bangkok with your family, consider getting a box containing 20 pieces per pack at these places with the following price points.

  1. FairPrice/Unity – $38
  2. Qoo10 – $31.90 (free shipping)
  3. Lazada – $25 + $2.99 (shipping fee)
  4. Horme Hardware – $26.75
  5. Watsons – $7.20 per piece (AIR+ Smart Mask)

You can also watch this video to ensure that you are wearing the N95 mask correctly.

Stay safe on your travels

The mango sticky rice and Thai milk tea may be luring you in but do keep your safety in mind!

If you really must travel to Bangkok during this period and if you or any of your family members have respiratory issues, it is advisable for you to stay indoors as much as possible.

Or perhaps, consider postponing your trip until the haze has subsided, hopefully by the end of February.

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