Bedok Zi Char Stall Owner Passes Away Suddenly, Customers Asked To Be Patient With Staff

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Bedok Zi Char Stall Owner’s Passing A Shock To Family, Daughter Reminds Us To Keep Loving Our Loved Ones

The loss of a family member is always difficult to deal with, and part of the pain involves having to get their affairs in order.

One family suddenly lost a father, and they are trying to keep his legacy alive — he was the veteran owner of a popular Bedok zi char stall, Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight.


Daughter shares shocking announcement

On Friday (12 Jun), his daughter took to the Facebook group Hawkers United – Dabao 2020 to ask for customers’ understanding during this difficult period for her family, as they continue to keep the stall going after just 1 day of closure.


Bedok zi char stall built on “blood & sweat” over 30 years

Just over 2 months ago, she promoted her father’s Bedok zi char stall in the same Facebook group.

The stall was apparently also featured in a food show.


However, the stall’s owner, Mr Paul Lim, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday (11 Jun) night, shared his daughter.

As such, the stall – built by Mr Lim’s “blood and sweat” over the last 30 years – is closed on Friday (12 Jun), and will resume operations on Saturday (13 Jun).

Faithful staff going through a difficult time

Though the stall resumes business on Saturday (13 Jun), its loyal staff are going through an incredibly difficult time, and may struggle to cope with orders as they are still grieving.

They have also been faithfully holding the fort while the family was in hospital with Mr Lim.

Thus, Mr Lim’s daughter asked for customers to be understanding when they take their orders — if they miss out on orders, or even make errors, do be patient.

She also thanked customers for their continued support.

Treasure your loved ones always

With Father’s Day around the corner, she also took the opportunity to remind netizens to stay close to their loved ones.

She wrote,

Keep loving them, because love overcomes and love overtakes.

Though her father and her butted heads at times, they always made up and continued to love each other, no matter what, she added.

Support the stall & show some encouragement

The family will keep running the stall as long as they can, and we sincerely applaud them for keeping their father’s legacy going.

If you live in the area, consider dropping by to show them some support. They serve up delectable vegetarian fare, and need some encouragement from their customers too.


If you visit, do flash them a smile and say a few kind words.

Just a simple gesture of kindness could make their days a little easier during this tough time.

MS News sends our sincerest condolences to the family during this tough time.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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