Man Who Offered Rental BF Service For CNY Now Selling Hokkien Mee

You may have read about a rental boyfriend service for Chinese New Year earlier in 2020, started by an enterprising man.

After his rental boyfriend business failed to take off, Bryant Luo is now offering a different type of service.

He’s now inviting you to eat xia mian.

In his words, not 下面 (below), but 虾面 (prawn noodles).

Hokkien mee, to be exact.


Offered to be rental boyfriend

Mr Luo first gained virality through his rental boyfriend offer on Facebook.

S’porean Offers CNY Boyfriend Rental Services With Option To Tell Relatives You’ve BTO-ed

A condition was that he would keep all the angbaos.

He even gave mock prices for his services, which he clarified weren’t real.


Although the offer wasn’t real – sadly for those interested – it gained plenty of traction due to the relatable feeling of having relatives ask about SOs during CNY gatherings.

Now selling Hokkien mee

As mentioned before, Mr Luo is now a hawker, together with his siblings.

Apparently, his family has been selling prawn noodles for 30 years and currently ply their trade at a coffeeshop in Clementi.


Boon Lay Ho Huat Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee is the name of the shop.

Of course, the copy doesn’t disappoint.

Although his xia mian is small, you can top up $1 for it to get bigger.

The portions, obviously.

Visit stall in Clementi

If you’d like to support Mr Luo in his endeavours to feed people Hokkien mee, you can visit the coffeeshop at Block 713 Clementi West Street 2, which is newly renovated.


Disclaimer: it’s not halal.

They’ll even throw in free chilli with every purchase.

With his enterprise skills displayed in his rental boyfriend business, perhaps his Hokkien mee will end up being a similar hit.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Facebook.