S’porean Offers CNY Boyfriend Rental Services With Option To Tell Relatives You’ve BTO-ed

CNY Boyfriend Rental May Include Kissing In Front Of Relatives & Fake BTO Story

As if entering adulthood isn’t challenging enough, the torturous questions about our love lives are a whole other battle we have to face.

Chinese New Year (CNY) is the peak season for this, as kaypoh aunts and uncles only want to know one thing – whether you have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Renting a boyfriend isn’t a novel concept, but a Singaporean by the name of Bryant decided to add a little upgrade.

Attractive rates for CNY boyfriend rental

On Wednesday (22 Jan), Facebook user Bryant posted a photo of him with a caption detailing his CNY boyfriend rental services.


While he did say the post was only a joke, the relatively large number of shares it gained overnight proves how amusing netizens found his pitch to be.

Charges different rates for various services

Instead of a fixed charge, Bryant breaks down his rates according to different categories.

Simply meeting your parents for a minimum of 2 hours will set you back a total of $176, but asking him to “be super charming” and act like “the perfect husband material” costs a little more at $188+.

The small price difference isn’t a big deal when you’re bringing a decent man home to your parents. Just look at that endearing face.


If you ladies are enticed already, you’d be happy to know that Bryant is okay with holding hands, hugging and even kissing in front of relatives – at a price of course.

Those who think the monetary cost is a lot lighter than the pain of listening to your aunts and uncles are welcome to place their bids.

Tell your relatives you’ve bought a BTO together

The best offer perhaps is the “newly added service”, which is telling your relatives that the two of you have gotten a Built-To-Order (BTO) flat.


That’s only $58, cheaper than hugging and kissing, for those who want to keep things strictly professional.

Sex is completely off the cards, so don’t go making other plans.

Bryant also claims that he’ll be keeping all the ang baos, but if he manages to collect more than $200, he’ll give you a special treat.

He’ll personally feed you during the family dinner and help cook your food if the meal is a steamboat. Isn’t that sweet?

Promotion only in good fun

To make the deal sweeter, Bryant will take 8% off total fees if you book by today (23 Jan).

Too bad the entire post is a joke. But if you’re still keen on renting a boyfriend, there’s always Carousell.

Better get your fake boyfriend in order so you can siam all the kaypoh questions.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Pink and Undecided on Blogspot.

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