This Mobile App Lets You See Cashback & Nearby Deals Across All Your Credit Cards Easily

CardsPal Mobile App Lets You Check Your Credit Cards’ Cashback & Nearby Deals

In the era of cashless payments, we probably know friends or an SO who owns more than 1 credit card. If you don’t, chances are, you’re that person.

And it’s easy to understand why, because other than cashback and seamless payments during shopping sprees, we could also get free gifts like AirPods Pro and Samsonite luggage.


But after signing up for the 3rd or 4th card, we’d eventually find ourselves saddled with the ultimate first world problem — forgetting to keep track and making the most of these rewards.

That’s how CardsPal seeks to change the game for those of us who wield an arsenal of plastic cash.


It is a nifty mobile app that unearths a treasure trove of deals and cashback options with just a few swipes.

You no longer have to scratch your head trying to remember all the perks that come with your credit cards and risk losing out if you can’t — CardsPal does it all for you.

CardsPal compiles cashback & deals for all credit cards

With your wallet packed to the brim with credit cards, you’d probably need an Excel spreadsheet or a handwritten list to keep track of all their advantages — and that’s only if you’re diligent enough.


And if you’re not, you’d probably end up forgetting about them.

Remember those random moments of realisation when you had gone on a shopping spree, only to find out you could’ve earned more cashback on 1 card than the other? Yep, that sucks.

CardsPal aims to be the one-stop companion of your shiny plastics, as you can easily consolidate your cards – both credit and debit – so that you always know which cards get the most cashback or reward.

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Then, depending on your location, you can uncover a plethora of deals from shops in the vicinity and eligible cards.

So if you’re in Orchard one day with a group of friends, you can check out deals near you based on the cards you own — perhaps this would help you decide better on where to eat with the gang.

Just remember to toggle the ‘Show deals for me’ function.

With everything neatly compiled in an accessible format, you don’t have to fret about looking at a spreadsheet you haven’t updated in aeons.

Cashback Calculator is your personal finance assistant

Building a home with your SO is a long-term investment. That’s when you’ll have to part with a huge amount of moolah to secure multiple big-ticket items like furniture and electronic devices.

But that’s the whole point of getting credit cards in the first place, so you can get rebates in return to cushion the blow.

Enter CardsPal’s latest feature, the Cashback Calculator, which tells you the approximate amount you’ll get in return for the whopping total you are about to spend.

Image sourced via CardsPal app

Since furnishing your BTO will set you back a fairly large amount, anticipating the cashback you can get from the purchase will come in handy.

Image sourced via CardsPal app

At the time of writing, it looks like a $500 spend at COURTS, for instance, entitles you to up to $40 cashback when you pay with CIMB and ICBC credit cards.

Now you’ll know which cards to use when purchasing household essentials.

Image courtesy of CardsPal

Compare credit cards side by side

At the end of the month, when the statements come in, it can be pretty thrilling to see how some of your hard-earned dollars have come back to you.

If you’re planning to expand your shopping arsenal to keep chasing after rewards, your mission is made a breeze with the app’s Compare Cards function.

Choose from their extensive list of cards to compare them side by side before deciding on the card that speaks to your needs.

Image courtesy of CardsPal

Here, we weigh up the main features of OCBC 365 Credit Card and POSB Everyday Card to assess how they will suit our lifestyle.

Image sourced via CardsPal app

Considering how there’re at least 130 credit cards in Singapore to choose from, this function is heaven-sent because there’s no need to spend hours just searching through different websites for comparisons.

You can use the time to look for nearby deals instead.

First-time card owners will find this feature useful too, to help decide which card will give you the best deals.

No need to memorise rebates, just swipe to check CardsPal

If you’re all about the swiping life in the name of bumping up savings, getting CardsPal will ensure that you won’t lose out on the perks you signed up for.

There is no one best card for all purchases — every card caters to every lifestyle differently. CardsPal helps by recommending the right card for each purchase, so you can reap the rewards you signed up for.

Getting to manage all your cards – including loyalty cards like PAssion and SAFRA – on the app is a plus too, as it’s easier to keep track of.

Image courtesy of CardsPal

Just download the mobile app from the Apple App Store and Google Play to get more updates on how to bump up your cashback and rewards.

Some in-app deals are merchant-exclusive, so you’ll be clued in on promotions that aren’t found anywhere else.

You can head over to the CardsPal website for a comprehensive overview.

Spend wisely & prudently

With an array of cashback and deals at your fingertips, you can continue to shop and dine out, knowing that some of that hard-earned money will return to you.

But having more credit cards doesn’t mean you can spend more than you can afford, especially during such times of economic uncertainty.

So remember to track your finances well. That way, you can still reward yourself by scoring the best deals too, and gain even while spending.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with CardsPal.

Featured image by MS News and adapted from TheSmartLocal.

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