BBT Stores Closure Leads To Carousell Banning Resales

Bubble tea stores are now considered not essential as of yesterday (21 Apr), truly signalling the end-times for many a Singaporean tapioca addict.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader.

As with when McDonald’s had to shutter their outlets, certain opportunists saw their chance to perhaps make a quick buck — or make it to social media.

The economic theory of supply and demand is such that when supplies are low, demand increases as a result — thus, it’s natural that a de facto black market for now-contraband goods will sprout up.

But some of the listings on Carousell were truly ridiculous, which may or may not have led to the platform banning all sales of bubble tea from your favourite Koi or LiHo outlets.


No more BBT on Carousell

In a bid to prevent reselling of bubble tea – which can come with a whole host of issues – Carousell made the decision to blanket-ban sales.


There goes the chance for scalpers to potentially poison unsuspecting addicts.

Bubble tea resales for 1 million dollars seen before bans

However, an MS News reader did manage to catch some ludicrous resales on Carousell before the bans kicked in.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

You know, some may have been desperate enough that they’d pay a million dollars for oolong milk tea with pearls.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

Image provided by an MS News reader

No BBT, no life.

Hang in there, BBT lovers

Well, those perhaps thinking of DIY-ing some tapioca pearls of their own may have to get rather creative.

MS News understands that ready-made tapioca pearls are flying off the shelves, so chances are that you may even have to resort to making your own QQ pearls.

How does Pokka Oolong Milk Tea with pearls sound? Now’s probably the time to find out, if a reseller’s got you convinced.


Stay strong, BBT lovers — where there’s a will, there’s a way. Whether your hair or your cravings for BBT will survive by 1 Jun is completely up to you.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.