CASA Has Up To 60% Off Vacuums, Ovens & Fridges Online, Time To Zhng Your WFH Pantries

CASA Is A One-Stop Online Shop For All Your Home Appliances

From ‘Circuit Bakers’ to Dalgona coffee baristas, almost everyone has been clocking OT on their home appliances since our self-quarantines began.

Extra usage has also likely caused some wear and tear on our trusty fridges & ovens.


With hybrid Work From Home (WFH) arrangements looming till 2021, it could be time to replace that dusty, squeaky ceiling fan so the fam can get a good night’s rest.


Since you’re already comfortable browsing the Internet from your WFH nook, you can stay put and shop for what you need online, via the new home appliance website CASA.

The bulky items will arrive right at your doorstep, so there’s no need to use your annual leave just to check your options in a physical store.

Under $70 deals for branded pots, pans & kitchen tools

If your mum’s the type of traditional cook who can make chef Gordon Ramsay quake in his pants, her frying pans are probably starting to wear out due to intense WFH meal prep.

3-Pc Westinghouse Non-Stick Frying Pans – $67.15 (UP: $129)

We spotted under $70 deals on aluminum non-stick pans by Westinghouse, as well as crockery & baking equipment.


With all the trappings of a Masterchef kitchen, your WFH meals will be better than any store-bought ones — aka you’d never want to dine out again.

Ceiling fans & vacuum cleaners for cool, clean homes

Hitting deadlines while your phone is ringing off the hook with calls from your boss can cause even the chillest worker to break in sweat.

Your WFH setup may lack the air-conditioned comforts of the office, but a sturdy ceiling fan like this Rubine piece should keep you cool enough.

casaRubine Econ 42” Ceiling Fan – $189 (UP: $279)

Besides 6 speeds, the fan also comes with 3 LED light configurations so you can turn your house into a mini disco.

While you’re in the mood to groove, set upbeat music as a soundtrack while you clean the floor using this cordless vacuum cleaner.

Elba Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – $149 (UP: $359)

Ultra lightweight and with no wires getting in your way, you can move without inhibition and whiz through your chores easily.

Stainless steel stoves & hoods for home-cooked meal preps

Since you’ve got the cleaning sorted out, mum won’t complain about you being lazy anymore and might even reward you with a sumptuous meal.

Upgrading her to an induction hob may be moving too quickly, so this stainless steel gas hob might be more up her alley.

EF Stainless Steel Gas Hob – $449 (UP: $479)

No need to help her light the stove either as it works on battery ignition, which means family meals will be ready a lot faster.

Elba Conventional Hood – $239 (UP: $279)

Pair that gas hob with a cooker hood to absorb all the fumes, and she’ll have a kitchen worthy of a high-end tze char restaurant.

Fridges & ovens for fresh WFH snacks

Delicious spreads won’t be complete without fresh ingredients, which you need a good refrigerator to preserve.

Long, romantic walks to the fridge won’t end with a disappointing stale smell or flickering lights if you get this top mount Beko.

casaBeko 360L Top Mount Refrigerator – $600 (UP: $959)

Don’t judge its simple exterior as the inside has more than enough space to store sinful snacks like ice cream tubs and that cake you didn’t finish 2 Netflix marathons ago.


If you’d rather bake your own cake than buy it, CASA also has built-in ovens that’ll make ‘Circuit Bakers’ scream “Basque Burnt Cheesecake”.

That bittersweet burnt top and gooey middle you’d want for your cake will surely be achievable with this multifunctional oven by EF.

EF Built-In Oven – $569 (UP: $659)

No need to scour Instagram for affordable bakes anymore, as you can whip up your own.

Washers & dryers keep clothes spotless for Zoom meetings

All that cooking may leave a strong stench on your clothes, and you’d need a good washer to get that off. This all-white Elba model has 15 washing programmes, so your laundry will probably end up as spotless as the machine itself.

casaElba 7kg Front Load Washing Machine – $499 (UP $529)

Ambitious home cooks who try to prepare a huge lunch may not have time to dry that one formal top you need for the urgent Zoom meeting, so a washer-cum-dryer might be a better fit.

casaBeko Washer Cum Dryer – $799 (UP: $1,088)

A single machine that can do all the cleaning and drying — can we sign up for a BTO with Beko instead?

One-stop online shop for home appliances

From big ticket items like refrigerators & stoves, or smaller ones like vacuum cleaners & bathroom accessories, you can get them from the Internet to your doorstep via a few clicks on CASA’s website.


Simply hop over to their online store, add what you need to your cart and check out.

You may have an overgrown list of different memberships already, but adding CASA to that won’t hurt.

From Friday (25 Sep), new sign-ups get 100 CASA Dollars credited automatically — which can be used upon checkout. All members enjoy 15% rebate via CASA dollars with every purchase.

Free delivery with every purchase

The headache with buying bulky items is sorting out the delivery process, which usually either costs a lot or requires you to liaise with a third party.

Thankfully, the process is more seamless on CASA, as they offer delivery — for free too.

The $799 for that fancy washer-cum-dryer will be all that you’re painfully parting with, as there are no extra delivery charges.

Revamp your WFH cribs for 2021

Constantly using the same appliances you’ve had for years throughout this indefinite WFH period can be a chore, especially when they’re showing signs of wear and tear.

Update them with any of the products on CASA, and you’ll be able to work and chill comfortably from your home-turned-office.

Who knows, you’ll even get cosy enough that you’ll forget you had an actual office to return to one day.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with CASA.

Featured image adapted from CASA.

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