Work From Home Will Last Even After Circuit Breaker Ends, Says Chan Chun Sing

Lifting Circuit Breaker May Not Mean Business As Usual In Office

On Sunday (3 May), Minister Chan Chun Sing spoke on what would happen if the Circuit Breaker was lifted eventually.

More specifically, what it could mean for businesses that have ‘Work-From-Home (WFH)‘ arrangements as they aren’t able to operate in office due to social distancing measures.

Minister Chan clarified that these work arrangements could become the new normal in the “forseeable future”, reports The Straits Times.

Currently, the Circuit Breaker has been extended for 4 weeks till Monday (1 Jun).

70% reduced work activities onsite

To further limit the risks of new clusters in workplaces, work activities had already been reduced by 70%, even before the onset of the Circuit Breaker.

Once the Circuit Breaker lifts, the goal is to move towards reopening industry sectors and subsequently, the country’s economy.

This also means that even after workplaces resume a semblance of normalcy, businesses will be encouraged to continue their Work-From-Home arrangements — especially industries that don’t require being physically present for work.

Stricter safe distancing at manufacturing hubs

As for manufacturing sectors, there will be stricter “safe distancing protocols” put in place to ensure workplace safety using “technology solutions” for contact tracing.


Different shifts of workers and those deployed to different work sites should also not “mix and interact” after their jobs are done.

Percentage of workforce returning to offices unspecified

Yahoo News reports that the minister did not mention a specific “percentage…within the workforce” that will be allowed to “return to workplaces”.

However, Mr Chan reiterated that “safe working conditions” would remain the government’s main priority. Companies can expect to start their operations in phases, as long as it’s on a “sustainable basis”.

Work-From-Home, yay or nay?

What do you think would be the best way moving forward for reopening our economy across various sectors with different needs?

Would a Work-From-Home arrangement be suitable for your occupation in the long-run? Or would you prefer heading to your daily commute, and meeting your colleagues in person?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on continuing with WFH even after the Circuit Breaker is over.

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