White Cat In China Emerges From Pigment Factory With Blue Fur, Gets Dubbed Doraemon

Cat In China Spotted With Blue Fur After Playing In Pigment Factory

Cats are the unofficial mascot of the Internet, having entertained us through memes, videos, and peculiar news through the years.

Now, one more cat in China has joined its fellow felines in the hall of viral fame.

After wandering into a pigment factory, the originally white cat emerged with bright blue fur.

As it turns out, it had been playing and rolling around in the pigment.

cat blue fur pigment

Source: Xiaohongshu

While another cat that was with it only got a slight dye job, the white cat was completely blue from head to paws, leading netizens to dub it ‘Doraemon’.

Netizen on the way to pigment factory found cat with blue fur

Earlier this month (13 May), Xiaohongshu user Baconmama shared that she had spotted a blue cat for the first time.

She was at a pigment factory in Guangdong, China for work when she came across the oddly coloured feline outside the entrance.

cat blue fur pigment

Source: Xiaohongshu

Via her caption, she then wondered what exactly the cat had gone through to end up like this.

Apart from the blue cat, there was also an orange tabby next to it. However, it was not nearly as blue as its friend, with most of the pigment on its chest and paws.

From the blue cat’s pink nose and white fur around it, netizens were able to infer that its original coat is white.

Netizens initially speculated whether the blue cat had been abused

When the post first went viral, some netizens wondered whether the cat had been the subject of abuse.

cat blue fur pigment

Source: Xiaohongshu

The speculation led the OP herself to ask the factory for more information, which finally put the matter to rest.

She was told that the wandering duo likely just stumbled into a workshop inside the factory.

After consulting with pigment industry professionals, she also confirmed that, thankfully, the blue pigment is non-toxic.

As such, the cats were safe and there was nothing to worry about.

Blue cat gets dubbed ‘Doraemon’ and ‘Avatar cat’

At the same time, the blue cat’s bright new coat drew a host of amusing comparisons from netizens.

One of the nicknames that popped up frequently in the comments was Doraemon, the comic book cat known for his blue fur and various futuristic devices.

cat blue fur pigment

Source: Xiaohongshu

Some also likened the cat to the Na’vi, the fictional race of blue aliens from the ‘Avatar’ films.

cat blue fur pigment

Source: Xiaohongshu

There was even one netizen who jokingly asked where the cat got its dye job as they would like to go to the same salon.

cat blue fur pigment

Source: Xiaohongshu

Leave it to a blue cat to chase away the Monday blues

Some of us may be getting hit by the Monday blues today, but perhaps the sight of this bright blue cat can chase them away.

Ultimately, we’re glad the cat and its companion are fine.

Hopefully, the pigment has washed off since and they find somewhere else to play next time.

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Featured image courtesy of Xiaohongshu.

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