Oyen Cat Frequently Chills With Capybaras In M’sia Zoo, Gets Its Own Signage At Enclosure

Cat Who Hangs Out With Capybaras In Malaysia’s Zoo Negara Gets Own Signage

Cats are known for getting up to all sorts of funny antics, and no other type of feline makes more headlines than the oyen — or ginger — cat.

In the latest oyen news to make the rounds, a cat has become such good friends with the capybaras at Malaysia’s Zoo Negara that it now has signage of its own.

A video by the zoo shows that the capybara enclosure there now states “Capybara & Oyen” after a new sign was installed below the original one.

cat capybaras zoo signage

Source: TikTok

Viewers found the update humorous, with many cracking jokes like “the cat leveraged his connections to get the sign” and “this is like an intern getting a full-time job”.

Cat eats alongside capybaras at Malaysia zoo

The TikTok video by Zoo Negara, shared a day ago (25 June), shows just how well the cat has managed to integrate itself into the capybara community.

@znmzoonegara Haaa oyen pun dah ada signage sendiri 🔥 Mungkin next Roren kita pulak? Korang belum kenal Roren kan 😉 #oyen #oyenbarbar #masbro #capybara #zoonegara #zoonegaramalaysia #zoonegaramalaysia2023 ♬ girls like me don’t cry (sped up) – thuy

In one instance, the oyen happily munches on bread and leaves alongside its rodent friends.

Following that, it appears to be standing majestically on rocks within the enclosure as a capybara enjoys some fresh greens behind it and even seems to wink at one point.

cat capybaras zoo signage

Source: TikTok

Zoo Negara also hinted via the caption that it might install a sign for another cat named Roren down the line, saying, “You guys haven’t gotten to know Roren yet, have you?”

Cat may have started chilling with capybaras during Covid-19 lockdowns

The cat’s close friendship with the capybaras has been going on for at least two years now, with videos dating as far back as 2021.

In a video shared by TikTok user @nabilnash_ last September, the cat appeared to be asleep while cuddling up to the capybaras on a rainy day.

@nabilnash_ Mana2 ada si oyen ni 😂 #yzxbca #trending #zoonegara #oyen #capybara #fypシ #takkroni ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Back in 2021, it was also shown sleeping soundly within the capybara enclosure in another TikTok video by user @boofizzzz.

@boofizzzz Bila je tak buat hal, dari mana datang tak tau #zoonegara ♬ i am fckin crazy – tan

According to The Star, zoo staff began noticing the oyen cat’s presence during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns when it started showing up for the capybaras’ feeding sessions.

They believe that it was one of many animals abandoned near the zoo. Unfortunately, it has been a popular dumping site for pets since before the pandemic.

A senior zookeeper added that the cat became friendly with the capybaras quickly. When staff first discovered it, the feline was already eating with them.

Although the cat ate the same bread as its rodent friends at first, staff eventually started giving it its own food.

While the zoo suffered tremendously during the pandemic, the oyen’s presence was instrumental to the attraction’s recovery after it reopened.

Many have flocked to the zoo to see not only the capybaras, but to witness this rare interspecies friendship.

Viewers crack jokes about zoo making cat’s residency official

Naturally, viewers loved that the oyen was finally starting to get official recognition at the zoo thanks to the signage.

One user implied that the cat was the true attraction of the zoo instead of the capybaras.

cat capybaras zoo signage

Source: TikTok

Another quipped that the oyen is now a vegetarian, judging by its diet of bread and leaves in the video.

Source: TikTok

Additionally, a viewer joked that the cat has now become a permanent resident (PR) at the zoo.

Source: TikTok

Another user creatively likened it to an intern who got promoted to a full-time job.

Source: TikTok

Finally, a TikTok user praised the cat for leveraging its ‘connections’ with the capybara to ‘apply’ for the sign.

Source: TikTok

A wholesome friendship that is anything but catty

As far as unexpected friendships go, this bond between a cat and capybaras definitely ranks high on the list.

The best part is, it is on full display for anyone who visits Zoo Negara to enjoy. Plus, the oyen gets food, shelter, and companionship out of it too.

Here is to many more aww-some moments between the cat and his capybara family.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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