Lorry Featuring Safe Distancing Partitions For Workers Draws Mixed Response From Netizens

Some say it's creative, others think it's unsafe and humiliating.

K-Pop Idol Goo Hara, 28, Found Dead In Her Home, Police Investigations Ongoing

She was close friends with Sulli, who died in Oct.

10 Soh Peishi Facts That Prove She Deserves Her 279,000 Instagram Followers

Peishi boasts over 279k followers on Instagram Like any other teenager, Peishi started blogging as an outlet to talk about her family, friends, school and rants. Many of her readers could relate to her posts, and she garnered a huge following from teenagers and young adults. Peishi’s popularity has been on...

S’pore Woman Allegedly Offered $9K To Pose For Man’s Photoshoot, Police Investigating

The offer might have been too good to be true.
Singapore mental health

S’poreans Can Keep Mental Health Conditions Private In Job Applications To Reduce Hiring Stigma

Hopefully this will reduce mental health stigma in the workplace.

NUS Students Ask Union To Clarify $1.3 Million Of Tax In Scathing Exposé

'NUS Students United' Page Publishes Exposé On Compulsory Student Tax Move aside NUS 'Nice Guy' Stalker, and say hello to an alleged student tax conspiracy. Facebook page 'NUS Students United' uploaded a scathing exposé on 31 Aug, containing detailed allegations against the executive committee of their student union. They've CSI-ed year-on-year (YoY) increases...


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