10 Things We Learnt About MasterChef Singapore Zander Ng

You can call him LTA (NS) Zander.

10 Benz Hui Facts, So You Can Get To Know Your New Yishun Neighbour

Ask him about Empress Dowager Cixi if you see him around Yishun.

This Cheeky Condensed Milk Can With Lee Kuan Yew On It Gives Us Life

Can Papa Lee nostalgia still give Singaporeans the feels?

Singapore’s Bigfoot: Bukit Timah Monkey Man Can Speak, Farm & Fight

Singapore's Bigfoot - aka The Bukit Timah Monkey Man - could be the guardian & shepherd of swine in our jungles.

10 Reasons Why Chow Yun-Fat Is The Most Down-To-Earth Celebrity

Chow Yun-Fat Wants To Donate His Fortune But He's Always Been Humble We've all heard about big Hollywood stars doing hospital visits or starting charities as their way of giving back to society. But how many of them are willing to part with earnings from their entire life's work? Famous Hong Kong...

Makansutra Founder Urges NEA To Help With Rising Hawker Rental Fees

Makansutra founder KF Seetoh questions dubious practices like charging 20¢/tray returned to hawkers, after accessing actual contracts signed by them.

Why Punggol Town Hub May Perform Better Than Our Tampines Hub

Punggol Town Hub will have a mega-shopping complex, library, hawker centre and vast array of amenities. Here's how it stacks up against Our Tampines Hub.

My Tribute To 3WO Sadikin Hasban, Singapore’s Fallen Soldier

3WO Sadikin Hasban I first saw then-Master Sergeant (MSG) Muhammad Sadikin Hasban in 2014. It was my enlistment day and I had just traded in my Pink IC for the Green 11B that would identify me in the coming 2 years. We were told to call him “Master” but just a...

Resident’s Free Food Delivery Service Makes Yishun Great Again

Man Delivers Food At No Extra Charge To Neighbours In Yishun Yishun has been the victim of endless shaming for being an unpleasant neighbourhood. But one resident's act of kindness will crush those rumours and make Yishun a great neighbourhood again. Since July, Mr James Chen has been delivering food to his...

CNA Documentary Shows That The Class Divide Is Real In Singapore

The Class Divide Only Gets Worse In Our Schools "If you have the most expensive things, you're the most popular also." This is how one lower primary student feels about the rich and the poor in her school. So what exactly was "expensive" to the student? Smiggle pencil case, Smiggle bag, whatever...



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