Workers At Sembawang Testing Facility Allegedly Wait Under Hot Sun, Netizens Concerned About Welfare

There's apparently a shelter point that workers can wait at.

S’pore Florist Passes Away Due To Covid-19, Often Made Floral Arrangements For Foreign Dignitaries

He helped HK actor Chow Yun Fat with his wedding bouquet.

Uncles Gather Near Bedok Coffee Shop For Horse Betting, Residents Hope For Enforcement

They've been seen openly betting on horse racing.

Flock Of Birds ‘Dance’ Across Sengkang Sky, Majestic Sight Mesmerises Netizens

They are likely to be Starlings, a common visitor to Singapore.

S’pore Lady Shares Worries Over Elderly Father’s Welfare At Community Care Facility On Instagram

She alleges that there was no room service, nurses, or cleaners assigned to the room.

Doggo Flies SIA In Cabin With Owner, Enjoys The Good Life In Business Class

The goodest boy got a well-deserved travel upgrade.

Buangkok Cat Passes Away After Alleged Dog Attack, Feeders Had Tried To Rehome Her

She was the 2nd cat to be attacked in the area in less than 2 weeks.

72-Year-Old Uncle Who Sleeps At Hawker Centres Receives Money From Kind Volunteers

He plans on getting a haircut and beard trim using the money.


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