Changi Recommends Lets You Change Foreign Currency Online & Delivers It To Your Doorstep

Changi Recommends Delivers Foreign Currency Within 1 Day

Whether you’re an impulse traveller who books a trip the moment a discount comes up, or someone who plans for WEEKS before booking a ticket — we all feel the same niggling feeling we’re forgetting something right before we fly.


That feeling will never go away, regardless of how many times you travel.

To be safe, 2 articles you can read to minimise this sense of loss are this one – which takes care of pre-flight essentials through Changi Recommends – and the Ultimate Packing Guide.

In collaboration with Changi Recommends, here are some promo codes you can use for your next trip overseas:

Changi Recommends delivers foreign currency to your doorstep

With Changi RecommendsCurrency Exchange, you can choose from 16 currencies available to exchange for SGD. Then, you can have it delivered to your home.

You don’t have to go to physical money changers for competitive rates.

It’s really straightforward.

After finalising your delivery details, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Changi Recommends delivers anywhere in Singapore, except offshore islands, within 1 day.

Do note that you can change a minimum of $300 and maximum of $4999 per day.

There’s also a $3 service fee, but be honest — you’d probably spend more on public transport to any good money changer.

Pick up your WiFi routers at the airport just before you fly

Apart from trouble-free currency exchange, Changi Recommends also has overseas WiFi rental.

You can collect the kit at Changi Airport before flying off, then return it when you’re back.


This essentially eliminates having to head down to random offices to pick up your device.

If you’re worried about services that are bound by office hours, don’t be. Their airport counters are open 24 hours daily, with round-the-clock customer care on WhatsApp and hotline.

Cancellation is also free — within reason.

The handy ChangiWiFi device

Currently, they are giving away promo codes that’ll allow you to enjoy 2 free days rental to any country.

If you’re travelling to Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom, you can use the code <2FREEDAYSAEU>. As for the rest of the world, apply the code <2FREEDAYSOFF>.

This deal, exclusive for online reservations, is available until 30 Sep 2019 and valid for travels by 31 Dec 2019.

Book transport from airports so you can rest after a long flight

Looking at Google Maps, maybe you realised that your hotel is a tad far from the arrival airport.

You’re reaching at midnight, a time where public transport would most likely cease operation.


Cab fares are pricey and you shudder at the thought of shelling out more money than necessary when you’ve only just arrived.

Besides exchanging foreign currency online and purchasing WiFi rentals, you can also make private airport transfers via Changi Recommends.

Whether you’re travelling to or from your hotel, you can make the necessary arrangements for airport transfers in countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Be prepared with the right transport cards

Commuting in a foreign country can be a terrifying experience when you’re unequipped with the right tools. If you haven’t got a private airport transfer, the first step is to get the right transportation card.


Changi Recommends is also selling overseas transportation cards for 6 countries:

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • United States

All you need to do now is to determine which card is the right fit for you, based on the region of your destination.

Book travel insurance that lets you make claims at the airport

You’ve booked your ticket and amid your frantic planning, perhaps you’re having second thoughts about not choosing to get yourself insured the moment you clicked “Pay”.

Changi Recommends has HyfeAssure Travel Insurance that has varying tiers of coverage.

They are touted as the “cheapest travel insurance” in town with “instant claims of up to $200 at Changi Recommends counters” at Changi Airport.

You can key in promo code <MSNHYFE19> for 60% off HyfeAssyre plans.

Take a look at the comprehensive list of benefits here.

Bonus: Find & book hotels on the same platform

Before leaving the site, if you have a niggling feeling that you’re forgetting something, it might very well be your accommodation.

Changi Recommends has tie-ups with some of the largest hotel chains in the world, meaning they have deals and discounts you can check out just a few clicks after booking everything else you need.

You can use promo code <MSNSTAYS> for 10% off hotel bookings, terms and conditions apply.

Plan more the easy way on Changi Recommends

The above are simply the highlights of Changi Recommends’ services as a travel e-concierge, as they put it.

On their website, you can also buy a Japan Rail Pass, book day tours and attraction passes, and secure prepaid overseas SIM cards — truly a one-stop shop.

PS: Use promo codes <GTYAS8> or <GTYAS10> for 8% and 10% off when you’re booking attractions on Changi Recommends, with $120 or $380 minimum spend respectively.

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