Circles.Life’s Monthly Plan Has 20GB For $18, With Fastest Load Times & Quick Customer Service

Circles.Life Offers Flexible Data Plans With No Contract & Widespread Coverage Across Singapore

I remember back in the day, 2GB data for $30 was supposed to be some kind of luxury.

Sure, 2GB was enough to send and receive texts as well as browse cat memes – the pictures, anyway – but at the same time, there was a constant fear of opening a YouTube video in public.

Let’s not even talk about watching Netflix, which would almost certainly result in a gigantic bill in the mail next month.

Yes, those were dark days – but Circles.Life is here to put an end to our miserly ways.

Their Monthly Plan of 20GB data for just $18 is a spicy, spicy deal indeed, but they offer so much more than just affordable data.

Circles.Life allows for flexibility with no contract, all in their app

Gone are the rigid plans where you have to commit for a minimum of 2 years with hefty penalties, if you feel like a change of scenery is needed.

If you think you have enough data for the month – say, you need to take a sabbatical from YouTube – you can change the amount right on the Circles.Life app.

Activating roaming for overseas travel used to be a pain, but with Circles, you can immediately purchase a Roam Boost, which starts at $5 for 1GB. The boost will activate even while overseas!

Now you can live and communicate freely in Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Australia and even the United States without fear of burning a hole in your wallet on data.

The app removes so much burden from typical overseas roaming – changing SIM cards and purchasing touristy data plans can be a giant hassle when all you want to do is reply to your family on WhatsApp that you’re safe.

Add-on options right at your fingertips

You can also add talk minutes, for those constantly on the move.

Responsive customer service

Circles.Life promises that their support staff – dubbed Customer Happiness Experts – will get back to any query you may have within 60 seconds or less.

That’s a bold claim indeed – so we put their high standards to the test.

We enquired about a certain roam boost at 5pm Singapore time, and here’s a snippet of their reply:

Indeed, they got back to us within 60 seconds, so we were definitely satisfied and our query was answered too!

Fastest network for streaming video

Customer service isn’t the only area where they’re quick and responsive.

If you like flexibility and not needing to watch your data cap when on Netflix in the train, Circles.Life can already offer that.

But there’s no point having a lot of data if you can’t use it, if loading times are as slow as traffic during peak hours.

With Circles.Life, you won’t run into that issue.

Yes, their data is pretty quick too – based on a report by OpenSignal on mobile network experiences, Circles ranked first for video load times and least number of interruptions*.

Netflix and YouTube hounds can rest easy.

*Circles.Life uses M1 networks, which were tested for the report

Sign up for Circles.Life $18 Monthly Plan using our link and get 6 months unlimited data free

And now, as reward for reaching the end of this post.

New users can sign up for a plan using our link right here, or use the code MUSTSHARENEWSCL2020 at sign-up for free unlimited data for 6 months and waived registration fee (worth $38).

Say goodbye to restrictive and expensive data plans – Circles.Life is here to give the best experience yet for a Singapore telco.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Circles.Life.

Featured image adapted from Circles.Life.

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