Circles.Life Will Pay Your Contract Termination Fees In Cash On 21 Jan

Switching to another telco can be quite the hassle, especially when there are termination fees you’ll have to pay.

A regular phone contract suddenly becomes a trap you can’t seem to get out of.

Along comes Circles.Life with an offer you can’t refuse.


On Tuesday (21 Jan), anyone who wishes to terminate their existing contracts with any telco can do so with Circles.Life, and earn cash in return.

Get cash to end your existing contract

Forking out money for something you don’t even want anymore seems pointless, and that’s basically what termination fees are.

Circles.Life understands the struggle and wants to help.

If you’re intending to end your current phone contract soon, why not set a date for this coming Tuesday (21 Jan)?

For one day only, Circles.Life will offer to pay your termination fees in cold, hard cash.

Show proof of termination fee

Of course, you can’t simply show up, say you need money to end your contract, and expect to get the cash that easily.

There are steps you’ll have to follow, and they’re pretty straightforward:

  1. Specify the termination fee amount you have to pay
  2. Provide staff with supporting documents (e.g. telco contract, the latest bill for the month, a screenshot of chat with telco CS showing termination fees)

Once you’ve done the above, Circles.Life will provide you with the money you’ll need to terminate your current contract.


The payout is on a first-come-first-serve basis, depending on how much they have in their Telco Termination Fee Fund, so you should be there early.

According the official announcement on their website, Circles.Life has raised $50,166 as of Friday (17 Jan), so we’re guessing that can’t cover too many people.

Don’t miss out on the limited offer from Circles.Life

There’s no catch to this offer, as Circles.Life isn’t asking anyone to switch to their telco as a condition. It’s truly free money to end your contract, no terms and conditions applied.

So don’t miss out on this exclusive one-time offer. Here are the details in brief:

Date: Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020
Address: Main Entrance, Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Rd, Singapore 239695
Time: 11am onwards
Nearest MRT station: Somerset

Save the date in your calendar, and remember to bring the necessary documents!

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