New $5 Circles.Life Plan Has 2GB Of Mobile Data

Are you a low-data user who only uses mobile data to check the latest news?

Or perhaps you have grandparents who only use their mobile data to WhatsApp but are paying upwards of $20 for their monthly mobile phone plans?

Image from an MSNews reader

Circles.Life recently launched a new mobile plan which will help your loved ones save on monthly bills.

For just $5, Circles.Life‘s new plan – targeted at low-data users – comes with 2GB of mobile data.

Think about it, that’s even cheaper than the cup of Brown Sugar Fresh Milk you bought for lunch.

$5 Circles.Life Plan offers 25 mins talk time and 25 SMSes

The $5 plan offers users 2GB of mobile data, 50 mins of talk time and 25 SMSes per month.

A very good deal for those who are ‘frugal’ when it comes to their monthly mobile data usage.

There are also boost options that you can consider to zhng your plan, if you require a little bit more mobile data and talk time.

Here are the available options:

  • Extra 1GB mobile data — S$8
  • Extra 2GB mobile data — S$12
  • Extra 30 min talk time — S$5
  • Additional 200 min talk time & free incoming calls — S$10

Hassle-free signing up process

If you’re thinking of signing up for the plan but afraid of the hassle of switching telcos, fret not. The process is actually quite simple & straightforward.


Follow these 3 steps to register:

  1. Pick the $5 plan on Circles.Life‘s website
  2. Choose your “Boost” options
  3. Choose delivery details

However, do check for any cancellation fees from your existing telco so you don’t get a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

Know a low-data user?

We’re heartened that telcos are coming up with new plans catering to consumers’ different needs.

Perhaps this is the result of the intense competition in industry. You know what they say, consumers have the most to benefit when businesses compete.

Do you know of any low-data users who will benefit from Circles.Life’s new plan? Tag them in the comments below.

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