Circles.Life To Offer $20 For Unlimited Data Instead Of 20GB From 1 Mar

Circles.Life Discontinues $20 For 20GB Plan

Some subscribers of Singaporean telco Circles.Life received an email at around noon on Wednesday (13 Feb) with the announcement that their hugely popular 20GB for $20 plan will be discontinued due to a “change in strategy”.

Circles.Life entered the market to much fanfare in 2016, with its base contract-free plan debuting at $26 for 6GB. This was a fresh approach to mobile plans, considering most Singaporeans were tied to 2-year mobile plans and would incur a penalty if we had to terminate the contract early.

A quick visit to the Circles.Life homepage shows that their new plan starts at $28/month, inclusive of 20GB data.


Circles.Life will offer unlimited data for $20/month

Having reached out to Circles.Life’s customer support on their website, we’ve also verified that an unlimited data for $20 plan is in the works and an announcement can be expected shortly.

The unlimited data will also be at 4G speeds.

Update 14 Feb: Circles has clarified that only the first 20GB will be at 4G speeds.

circles life new plan

Image from MS News

circles life 4g unlimited dataImage from MS News

Circles.Life has been making gains in the industry lately, winning the hearts of users in Singapore. Circles.Life subscribers must be excited at this news, and we hope to hear of more great offers in 2019.

Featured image from MS News.

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