Cold Storage Has Affordable Christmas Platters For Wholesome Feasts At Home

After months of on-an-off diets, the time to feast and be merry is finally here.

But if your plate is already full with work and staycation planning, you might want to consider a quicker way to prep for Christmas dinner — Cold Storage’s ready-made meals.

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With turkey, ham and even seafood sets ready to be served within minutes, you could easily bamboozle your fam into thinking that these decadent meals were whipped up in your very own kitchen.

Here’s an array of platters that will make hosting your next festive gathering fuss-free.

Meatless options for our vegetarian friends

When inviting guests over, the gracious host has to take everyone’s diet into consideration. Some of us may have friends who prefer sticking to a vegetarian diet.

But there’s no need to Google ‘vegetarian Christmas recipes’, when you can snag a Merry Meatless Medley for $29.

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Vegetarian friends can choose from a variety of meatless bites on the platter such as ImpossibleTM meat patties, kale & cheese patties, and roasted mushrooms.

If you’re curious to try out some dishes, grab the ImpossibleTM Lasagne ($39) and Vegetable Wellington ($45) too.

Made from ImpossibleTM meat and vegetables like potatoes, carrots and spinach, these alternatives are as delicious as their usual meat counterparts, even your non-vegetarian friends won’t know the difference.

As each platter serves up to 6 people, there’s more than enough food for everyone to savour together.

Indulge in sweet & savoury Pork Belly Ham

After years of wolfing down turkeys and roasted chickens, your family and friends are probably eager to try something new this year.

Pork belly and raisins may sound like a bizarre combination, but Cold Storage delightfully brings them together with a serving of crispy Pork Belly Ham with Raisins.

We imagine the sun-dried fruits would surely enhance the meaty flavour and raise your standards for festive feasts.

Pork Belly Ham with Raisins ($29.95)
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The luscious slab of meat is stuffed with paprika, dried berries, mushrooms, and olives.

Memorise these ingredients, so you can easily fool your cousins by telling them you mastered this recipe from a viral TikTok video.

But if mum insists on going the traditional route, consider the classic bone-in hams or sliced ones that you can’t go wrong with.

Cocktail sausages for afternoon tea

Feasts at home don’t have to be a grand affair. You can simply ask your BFFs over for a catch up sesh over afternoon tea instead.

Whip up instant coffee, tea, or cocktails if they’re day-drinkers, and fill your living room with animated chatter over the scrumptious Cocktail Munchies Platter worth $29.95.

Cocktail Munchies Platter ($29.95)
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Don’t underestimate the seemingly small serving, as it’s enough for 6-8 people.

Starting conversations with old friends will be less awkward when you have these light bites to munch on. You can also opt for the cheese & cured meat platters for a fancier flair to the finger food.

Add a classy touch to the feast with oysters

The kitchen is your oyster when you’re the host. So even if you’re not doing the cooking, there’s lots of possibilities to explore by knowing what dishes to include on the table.

While fish and prawns are the more common types of seafood in an Asian home, you can opt for a tray of oysters to add a touch of lavishness to your home-cooked meals.

12 Pacific Oysters Ireland Platter ($22.90)
Image courtesy of Cold Storage

You can cop 12 pieces of fresh oysters from Ireland for just $22.90, or go for Fine De Claire Oysters from France for just $36.90.

Served neatly in half shells, feel free to ask bae to drizzle them with lemon and spicy mignonette so you can help mum prepare the rest of the food.

Complete feasts for the entire family

If the end-of-year work rush has left you little time to pick and choose dishes, the quickest solution is to get a complete feast that will feed the whole fam.

The Supreme Christmas Feast will make your sis cast all her qualms about getting messy aside as she takes a bite of the tender and juicy ribs.

Supreme Christmas Feast ($89.95)
Image courtesy of Cold Storage

The time for celebration means spending it with loved ones, even friends who may not observe the occasion too.

No need to prepare separate meals for your Muslim friends when you can get the Hearty Christmas Feast, which is 100% halal.

Hearty Christmas Feast ($89.95)
Image courtesy of Cold Storage

To find out more about Cold Storage’s Christmas offerings or place your orders, visit their website here.

Store collection is free with no minimum spend. But if you’re shopping online, you can get free delivery for orders above $59. We’d recommend placing your orders before 20 Dec to secure your delivery slots early.

Cold Storage is also having an exclusive online sale of festive fir trees from $119, which will be delivered to your doorstep.

Those who are looking to decorate soon for Christmas can pre-order it before 25 Nov, and you’ll get them at home on 1 Dec onwards.

Have a fulfilling Christmas with your loved ones

With no-frills platters and fuss-free feasts easily available, you can fret less about meal preparation and spend quality time making new memories with loved ones instead.

As Christmas is a time for love and cheer, there’s no better way to spread happiness when your bellies are filled with warm and sumptuous food.

Here’s to successfully bamboozling family and friends that you’re a Master Chef now, and to a better year ahead.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Cold Storage.

Featured image courtesy of Cold Storage.