Singapore Launches Covid-19 Symptom Checker That Guides Those Who Suspect Infection On What To Do

With the Covid-19 spread in Singapore picking up, caution is at an all time high, with many immediately suspecting possible infection at the slightest cough, fever, or difficulty breathing.

However, going through a full Covid-19 check — with the worst being the painful nose swab test — seems a tad bit much for just a common cold.


Luckily, Singapore has launched a new Covid-19 Checker to help citizens balance being socially responsible against paranoia.

Covid-19 Symptom Checker helps navigate care options

The Covid-19 Symptom Checker is an online questionnaire that helps users decide on the best course of action depending what symptoms they have.


Users only have to answer a few a simple questions — such as age, medical history, current symptoms, travel history and possibility of contact with Covid-19 patients — and the checker will recommend what steps to taken next.

Depending on how one answers the questions, the checker might ask the user to self-monitor for new symptoms, make an appointment at a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC), or go to the Emergency Department.

The checker also offers helpful suggestions on how to stay safe and reduce the risk of transmission.


Members of the public who suspect they are infected and need advice should definitely consult the Covid-19 Symptom Checker on what steps to take next.

For those worried about data privacy, the site does not collect personally identifiable data.

Checker aims to relieve pressure on the healthcare system

According to a Ministry of Health (MOH) press release, MOH observed that 24% of Singapore Covid-19 positive patients had been doctor-hopping.

Hence, a team created the Covid-19 Symptom Checker to help reduce burden on the “already heavily-taxed healthcare system”.

They comprise members from:

  • National University Health System (NUHS)
  • National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID)
  • MOH Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT)

“The symptom checker is a way to optimise the health care system’s resources, while getting the best outcome for the patient,” said NUHS Associate Professor James Yip.

Don’t wait to use the symptom checker

The Covid-19 Symptom Checker is available here for all members of the public.

If you suspect you might have the coronavirus and you’re not sure what to, don’t hesitate, use the checker now.

Kudos to NUHS, NCID and MOHT for creating such a useful resource at this critical time.

Featured image adapted from the National University of Singapore (NUS).