Crowd Of Cyclists Spotted At Upper Thomson, Netizens Worry About Social Distancing

Netizens Worry About Cyclists’ Social Distancing At Old Upper Thomson Road

Getting some fresh air is important for our wellbeing in general, but we should do it while properly socially-distanced.

Last week, Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong took to Facebook to remind Singaporeans to go out alone, but some still seem to be congregating.

A netizen expressed concern about a group of cyclists’ social distancing – or lack thereof – as a hoard of them rode along Old Upper Thomson Road together.


Cyclists raised concerns about social distancing

The group of cyclists was spotted at Casuarina carpark, along Old Upper Thomson Road, shares the netizen.

From the looks of it, there were more than 10 cyclists in the group, all riding in a neat row together.


It’s not clear whether they maintained a 1-metre distance from each other, but the netizen pointed out that they weren’t wearing masks either.

That said, wearing a mask isn’t necessary when cycling or doing other strenuous exercise.

Possible risks from close proximity

Without masks on and breathing more heavily due to exercise, it’s not unreasonable that the netizen felt the cyclists posed a concern to spreading Covid-19.

She elaborated, saying that allowing such practices could lead to more cases or the formation of clusters, resulting in another ‘Circuit Breaker’.

A measure that wouldn’t just affect other businesses, but every Singaporean.

The netizen continued, that while other citizens cope with “jobs and pay cuts”, this practice could come across as “selfish” behaviour.

Avoid gathering in groups till we’re given the all clear

Whether the cyclists properly social distanced or not, we think that gathering in such a large group was definitely inappropriate.

Social gatherings are still not allowed, and we shouldn’t abuse the little freedom we have to bend the rules.

We are fighting this pandemic as a country, and need to adhere to the measures until we’re given the clear.

The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter by the day, so let’s all hold out just a little longer until it’s completely safe to go out and about again.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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