Daiso S’pore Has Nifty System For Visitors To Avoid Crowds

Phase 2 entails all retail shops reopening their brick & mortar outlets & citizens have been looking forward to visit the stores they’ve missed — Daiso included.


On the flipside, there’s a real concern that crowds will form without proper management of queues.

Daiso has launched their nifty microsite to give visitors live updates on crowd conditions within each outlet — and here’s how it works.

Check how crowded stores are before visit

Instead of finding out how crowded stores are upon reaching the premises, visitors can first check a microsite here.


A color-coded block system shows how crowded stores are across 2-hour intervals in the day, from 10am to 10pm.

  • Red – Max capacity
  • Orange – Crowded
  • Yellow – Some crowds
  • Green – Not crowded
  • Grey – No data

Based on the current data collated, the THREEPPY at Funan Mall is the least crowded of the branches at the moment.


The store is an atas version of Daiso, which sells every item at $5.80 each.


Avoid peak hours based on patterns

We can expect that the crowds will ebb and flow based on peak timings across the day.

Upon closer observation of the patterns, however, we can observe certain trends.


Crowds tend to occur from the 12-4pm period across various outlets. So a good way to siam possible queues is to aim to visit early in the morning, or near the end of the day.

Don’t forget to check-in via SafeEntry when you visit

More importantly, it’s good to always check-in via SafeEntry’s QR code system to log your visits in the event contact tracing is required.


In the meantime, if the urge to visit Daiso crops up anytime soon – say you’ve run out of $2 snacks or wet wipes – make this microsite your first stop.

That’s a way safer and smarter way to avoid the crowds before heading down.

What do you think of Daiso Singapore’s initiative? We’d love to hear if you think other stores should consider similar systems too in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps & Daiso Singapore.