Elderly Couple Painting At A S’pore Kopitiam Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See This Week

Elderly Couple Painting At A Kopitiam Is Couple Goals

Some retirees spend lots of their time with their other half — cooking, watching Hong Kong dramas, and the list goes on.

In this adorable case, an elderly couple was spotted painting in a kopitiam.

According to a Facebook post by Don Marc Dondon, this elderly couple was water-colour painting on their sketchbooks at a coffeeshop near Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.


The person who shared these pictures on Sunday (20 Oct) titled the post “Just two lovely elderly couple dating..”. No doubt, this is literal couple goals.

Couple painting sketches of a neighbourhood

With a cup of kopi each, the couple sat at a coffee shop, painting what seemed like a neighbourhood estate in Singapore.


It was obvious that the elderly lady was way ahead of her husband — who seemed like he had barely started painting.


In fact, the elderly lady seems like an expert in painting — with fine touches to the sky and proportionate buildings and trees.


Elderly couple painting together warms netizens’ hearts

When these photos were shared onto Facebook, many netizens started looking up to this elderly couple, hoping that they would be this way too in the future.

One netizen tagged her girlfriend, saying that the pictures shows how they will be hanging out when they’re old.


Another netizen tagged her partner, and jokingly said that this could be them but unfortunately, they “suck at painting”. But hey, it’s the time together that counts, right?


Epitome of a long lasting couple goal

This elderly couple spending their golden years painting together and appreciating each other’s presence surely touched the hearts of many.

And truly, this is the epitome of a long lasting ‘couple goal’.

Feature image adapted from Facebook and Facebook

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