7 Places For Family Outings To Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time In S’pore

Family Outings With Smove

You’ve seen it on the news time and again — too much screen time is bad for your kid. So you take the phones and tablets away from the kiddos. But then they start to cry or throw a tantrum.

The solution? Take them out to somewhere fun — somewhere fresh and exciting enough to pacify their hyperactive attention.

But of course, you’ll have to get there first. Sometimes, these places are located far away from bus stops or train stations. And if you don’t have a car to lug the entire kampung there – including the stroller – there’s going to be trouble.

No car, no problem

Owning a car for many millennial families seems like a pipe dream due to the hidden costs of upkeep and taxes.

This is where Smove steps in. The hassle-free, no-contract, no-deposit car rental service will grant you the liberty of taking your family anywhere.

Image courtesy of Smove

As the only one way car-sharing operator in Singapore, Smove also offers the added perk of allowing one-way rides. This means you can pick up a car near your home, and simply return it where you’re headed.

Image courtesy of Smove

Here are 7 parks and playgrounds you can ‘Smove’ to for a day of family fun.

1. Admiralty Park Playground — Slides of all shapes & sizes

Admiralty Park playground houses 26 colorful, curvy slides to keep your child occupied and dizzy with thrill.


Watch as your ‘lil tykes expend their energy sliding down on 23-metre-long metal tubes, or crawling up an undulating fixture at the netted play area.


We guarantee that your kids will be begging to stay longer at the park. Plus, they’ll be too tired to even think about asking for your phone at the end of the day.

The best adventures often happen when we go with the flow — family plans for the day could change at short notice, thanks to a well-placed temper tantrum.

So if you’re undecided about your post-playground itinerary, you’ll love Smove’s one way car-sharing function. Simply pick up the car near your home, and drive to your destination to return it.

Address: Admiralty Road
Nearest Smove Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location: 7A Marsiling Drive S’pore 731007, Multi-storey carpark opposite MWS Christalite Methodist Home.

2. Canberra playground — Swings, ropes & dinosaur bones

Budding archaeologists or Jurassic Park rangers will love Canberra playground for their homage to the great creatures that once roamed the surface of our Earth. Oh, and did we mention the glorious array of swings?


If this swing isn’t fun enough, go to the next one. And if that isn’t fun enough, the next, and the next, and the next.


Swings aren’t all. The remains of a dinosaur will give your kids a chance to marvel at the size of our very, very ancient ancestors.

There’s also a massive playground structure for them to pretend they are traversing through a strange, metallic island.


You wouldn’t want your child to stumble their way through life and a good way to train their sense of balance is by making them walk on tightropes.

We might be taking the idea too literally, but conquering the ropes will help to boost your child’s confidence greatly.


Trust us, the pictures don’t do this colossal playground justice.

Tightrope balancing acts aren’t only mentally challenging but physically exhausting too, so it’d be best to whisk your tired kids home in a comfy car.

Address: Sembawang Crescent, Singapore 750325
Nearest Smove Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location: 316A Sembawang Vista, S’pore 751316, Multi-storey carpark beside Sembawang Primary School.

3. Fu Shan Garden — Clamber over & slide down dinosaurs

Toa Payoh’s iconic playground found its way into the hearts of Singaporeans after it was nearly demolished in 2014.

Fu Shan Garden now plays host to less famous but equally beastly brothers to Toa Payoh’s Dragon, after recent renovations to populate it with live-sized dinosaurs.



Keep a keen eye out because some dinosaurs are great at camouflage.


Strolling away from a dinosaur habitat isn’t very realistic. You’d want to get into a car and race away Jurassic World style as if you’re escaping from the huge beasts.

By turning your outing into a road trip, you’ll also be able to hit more than one place of interest, and maximise quality time with your children.

Address: Blk 827 Woodlands Street 81, Singapore 730827
Nearest Smove Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location: 895D Woodlands Drive 50, behind Woodlands Pri School, next to Mandai Tekong neighbourhood park.

4. The Animal Resort — Singapore’s own Kampung Zoo


Parents can get a nostalgic blast to the past when you step into The Animal Resort — specifically, into a kampung teeming with the life and chatter of freely roaming animals.


You might be surprised at the variety of animals and fishes in the resort houses.


If your child is afraid of larger animals, there are always adorable little bunnies to feed tiny carrot sticks to.


All this ‘ulu-ness’ comes at a price — the resort is fairly inaccessible. The walk-in was, according to our colleague who visited, “long and treacherous”. So it would be wise, especially if you’re taking kids along, to drive.

You can even head to Seletar Mall for lunch afterwards since it’s just 5 minutes away by car.

Address: 81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061
Nearest Smove Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location: Seletar Mall, 33 Sengkang West Ave, S’pore 797653.

5. Rabbit Headquarters — Nurture the bunny-lover in you


Singapore’s very own headquarters for lovingly raised bunnies is located at Yio Chu Kang — a far-flung estate for many of us who don’t live in the north.


Besides getting up close and personal with adorable bunnies, make your outing meaningful by teaching your little ones a lesson or two in responsibility. RHQ folk are more than happy to show you how a rabbit is properly cared for.


We’ve charted a Smove course for you to make a quick stop by the area after a morning workout at Serangoon Stadium. You could even pop by Chomp Chomp for a late lunch or dinner after an afternoon of fluffy cotton tails and fuzzy wriggling noses.

Address: 48 Jalan Limbok, Singapore 548729
Nearest Smove Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location: 33 Yio Chu Kang Road Serangoon Stadium, Sports & Recreation Centre carpark.

6. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve — Spotting animals amid the greenery

Home to mudskippers, crabs, water snakes, birds, monitor lizards, otters, and many other species, the wetland reserve will have you on your toes and on constant lookout.


Noise can sometimes scare the animals away. So remember to go about with light feet and hushed voices.


The humidity and mid-day heat will make you thirsty especially after all the walking, so remember to bring a bottle of water.


The nature reserve is located at the edge of the island and getting there typically involves a long drive past the cemeteries and farms at Lim Chu Kang.

As the area is pretty inaccessible by public transport, we’d recommend taking a short 14-min drive from Marsiling to spend a day trip there.

Address: 301 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718925
Nearest Smove Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location: 413A Woodlands St 41, S’pore 731413, Multi-storey Carpark next to BKE behind Singapore American School.

7. Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden — A garden for adventure & education

Located within Botanic Gardens, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is Asia’s first garden dedicated to children.

High element courses may be a big leap for little kids, so why not start them on this mini flying fox instead? It’s just as fun and there’s no need for harnesses.


If your children are the chill types, you can take them on a walk across the realistic suspension bridge that isn’t very high off the ground.

The only thing missing from this experience is a 100-metre drop into violently churning waters below. But as a starter, this will work.


Hollywood movies make treehouses look fun but sadly you can’t build one in any random tree near your HDB block.


The huge treehouse at this playground is as close as you can get to a real one. Your kiddos won’t ever get sick of climbing up and sliding down over and over again. Watching them having fun will be way more thrilling than hearing Baby Shark on an endless loop.

If you’re running late, there’s no need to worry about returning the car within a time limit, as with regular car rental services. Booking a one-way trip with Smove will let you decide when it’s time to go home.

Address: 481, Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259769
Nearest Smove Pick-Up/Drop-Off Location: 11 Dempsey Rd, Margarita’s @ Dempsey, carpark lots in front of Blk 11 Dempsey Road.

MPVs fit for the family

For family trips, you may want to consider Smove’s Value Plus option which features its most spacious ride — the 8-seater Mazda MPV.

Image courtesy of Smove

Great news for those who already have plans for a family outing — the Value Plus is going for a discount.

Value Plus Pricing:

Weekdays (Mon to Thu)

  • $8.50/1 hr
  • $80/12 hr
  • $130/24 hr

Weekends (Fri to Sun)

  • $9.50/1 hr
  • $90/12 hr
  • $140/24 hr

Mileage will be charged at approximately $0.42/KM, subject to current petrol prices.

Smove is also offering a cool add-on for families keen on embarking on an adventure with them. Select Value Plus cars will come fitted with ‘Family Kits’ including these possibly life-saving items:

  • Sunscreen
  • Frisbee
  • Picnic Mat
  • $5 CapitaLand Voucher
  • Wet wipes
  • Duffle Bag/Small Picnic Bag

You’ll have all the essentials for a day out with your family, especially if you plan to stop by multiple playgrounds.

Image courtesy of Smove

Consider setting up a picnic at one of the locations for a quick snack break to refuel after all the fun activities.

Hassle-free sign-ups

Don’t worry about having to fill up multiple forms and making deposits just to rent a car.

With Smove, all you have to do is sign up on their website. You won’t have to pay any deposits or sign any contracts. Once you’re a registered user, you’re good to go — just book a car and pick it up at any of the 100+ stations on the island, and take your family on a memorable adventure.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Smove.

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