Fiery Sunset At Yew Tee On 8 Mar Looks Like A Massive Fireball In The Sky

March has been a month of sweltering hot weather thus far with occasional showers.

Rain May Come To S’pore In 2nd Week Of Mar, Though Temperatures Could Still Reach 34°C

But there is perhaps some upside to the blazing hot sun — stunning sunsets.

On Monday (8 Mar) evening, the skies at Yew Tee were ablaze with a fiery sunset.

Fiery sunset yew teeSource

It was almost as if Smaug – from The Hobbit – had descended upon our island city, leaving behind burning clouds in his wake.

Fiery Sunset at Yew Tee looks like the sky caught fire

As the sun hung low on Monday (8 Mar), Yew Tee residents were treated to a stunning sight.

The setting sun boldly painted the sky a dark orange hue.

Fiery sunset yew teeSource

Even as the sun dipped further, it continued to paint the sky with a fiery orange that stretched far into the horizon.

Fiery sunset yew teeSource

On this particularly cloudy day, one would easily have mistaken the sight for an inferno in the sky.


Stunning views around Singapore

Nearby, a netizen at Clementi also managed to snap images of the huge fireball hanging above our industrial facilities.


Easties might have caught the stunning sight too, as a resident took an equally lit picture from Tampines.


Being outdoors under the endless sky certainly gives you incredible front row seats to nature’s ‘light show’.

One netizen who was at Raffles Marina even managed to capture orange skies being reflected on the sea.


It certainly showed off nature’s incredible palette of orange, yellow, and blue all in one go.

Hope more picturesque sunsets will come our way

What an experience it must’ve been to catch the blazing sunset in person — it certainly seems like the perfect remedy to chase away those pesky Monday blues.

If you didn’t manage to catch the sunset yesterday, let’s hope there are more picturesque sunsets heading our way in the days to come.

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