S’porean Girl Says Award Is No Big Deal As It’s “$100 Only”, Turns Out She Was Reading The Cheque

Singaporean Girl Gets Good Progress Award But Repeats That Prize Is ‘Only $100’

Receiving an award should be a joyous occasion as it is a reward for achieving a goal.

So it was that a Singaporean girl’s hard work was recognised when she received a good progress award last Saturday (18 Jan).


However, instead of feeling proud of herself, Ruixin told her father, Mr Tong Yee, that the award was “no big deal”.

Feeling disturbed by what he perceived as downplaying her reward, Mr Tong intended to lecture her on the value of the award until he realised she may have read the cheque a little too literally.

This hilarious story was shared by Mr Tong on Facebook on Sun (19 Jan).


We summarise his post below.

Daughter keeps repeating “$100 only” after receiving Good Progress award

Mr Tong’s daughter, Ruixin, apparently received a Good Progress award from the Ministry of Education (MOE), indicating great improvement over the year.

He shared that he was proud to be around to witness her receiving the award, but things quickly took a turn when he asked how she was feeling.

Ruixin, without looking up, responded: “It’s no big deal. It’s only $100.”

Shocked by the response, Mr Tong reminded his daughter that the point of the award is to acknowledge her hard work. Furthermore, $100 is not a small sum, he told Ruixin.

However, she repeated herself,

 … but it really is only a $100.

At this point, Mr Tong started reflecting on whether he raised his daughter the wrong way.

She was just reading the cheque

On the way home, Mr Tong noticed that Ruixin kept muttering “$100 only” in the car, which further perturbed him.

Feeling the need to lecture her, Mr Tong turned to her after he parked and was ready to sternly educate her on appreciating her award.

It was then that he noticed Ruixin reading the cheque attached to her certificate word by word. As her finger moved across each word, she repeated again,


Turns out, she was reading the words printed on the cheque all along, in quite a literal fashion.


Banking lessons needed, he quips

At the end of the post, Mr Tong quipped that he needs to lecture Ruixin on banking knowledge, not her values.

We can’t help but smile at how innocent Ruixin is. Surely she’s worth way more than $100 “only”!

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook

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