S’porean Students Thank Parents With Heartfelt Letters Of Gratitude At Awards Ceremony

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Singaporean Students Pen Letters Of Gratitude To Parents At Edusave Awards Session

Ever since we were born, many of us have had our parents as our pillars of support throughout our lives.

But it is not often that we actually voice out our appreciation for our mums and dads, who have always been there for us through our ups and downs in life.

In an Edusave Awards session on Sunday (24 Feb), these profound feelings of gratitude were aptly expressed when the students were asked to pen down their thoughts for their parents.


“Thank you for being my father”

When this father – who was partially paralysed due to a stroke – read the heartfelt letter penned by his daughter to him, he teared up.

Writing the letter in Chinese, this child thanked him for always being there to take care of and protect her.

A few years ago, despite having suffered from a stroke, he made the effort to celebrate her 9th birthday in the hospital.

She thanks him for everything he has given her, and promises that she will not disappoint him when she grows up and chases her dreams in the future.

She then ends off her letter with an endearing, “I love you”.


English translation:

Thank you for being my side to take care of me and protect me ever since I was born. You had a stroke a few years ago but you still celebrated my 9th birthday in the hospital. Thank you for buying the food that I like, nice clothes, school bags and shoes, and for bringing me to the movies. Thank you for being my father. I am very grateful to you for giving me everything I have. I will not disappoint you. I will quickly grow up and follow my dreams, as you have said. I love you.

“I promise I will study hard”

In the following letter, this student pens down his simple promise to his parents — he wishes to study hard to repay them for their love and effort invested in him.

He also outlines his appreciation for his parents’ support when it comes to every decision he makes.

Promising that he will study hard for his mid-year exams, he hopes to do his parents proud, and asks for them to pray for his success.


English translation:

Thank you for always supporting me in every decision I make. I promise I will study hard for my mid-year exams. I hope mama and papa will be proud of me. I love you guys so much. Pray for my success okay?

“Thank you for helping me study better”

In this short but meaningful letter, this student thanks his parents for helping him out in his studies.


The note was hand-written in pen, and we notice that the student misspelled “greatful”, but conveyed his thanks to his parents nonetheless.

Helped children show appreciation for parents

This activity was held at an Edusave Awards session to let students pen down their thoughts for their parents.

According to Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin, initiatives at these sessions have been encouraged over the years for students to show their gratitude to their families for their achievements.

Many netizens gave the activity a thumbs-up and there were strong hopes that it’ll be extended for more students to take part in.

This commenter, in particularly, emphasised on the benefits of these sessions, such as helping children develop a sense of gratitude and for the parents to know that they are appreciated.


Thank your parents today

We also hope that beyond these sessions, students will be encouraged to show their appreciation for their parents on a daily basis.

If you’re a student, don’t forget to tell your parents you love them today.

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