Beng Who Cooks Hawker Promises Free Meals To Those In Need, Just DM On Instagram To Order

Beng Who Cooks Hawker Gives Free Meals To S’poreans Who Need Them Most

Young hawkers are usually known for their avant garde takes on traditional hawker food, or for selling ‘millennial food’ like deconstructed avocado toast at coffee shops.

These 2 young bengs, however, made a name for themselves by stepping up to provide for the needy in tough times like now.


Beng Who Cooks, run by Mr Jason Chua and Mr Hung Zhen Long, is giving out free meals to anyone in need, during the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

All you need to do is drop them a message via Instagram or Facebook before 7pm, and you’ll get a hearty protein bowl delivered to you for free the next day.

Wished to make the most out of unfortunate circumstances

Like many other businesses, Beng Who Cooks experienced a dip in business as the Covid-19 situation began to worsen in March.


Apparently, they went from selling 40-50 protein bowls a day to just 10 or so bowls, wrote Mashable Southeast Asia.

They were already making losses but decided to look past that, focusing on providing for the needy during the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Anyone in need can get a free meal

The Beng Who Cares Foundation first graced Instagram on 6 Apr.

They started out with giving out just free meals to the needy if they sent them a Direct Message (DM) before 7pm the previous day.


Now, with the help of delivery drivers who’ve volunteered their help and other anonymous donors, they have free deliveries too.

Those in need can now get a meal delivered to them, completely free of charge, just by dropping them a message the day before.

You can order meals for others who may need them as well.

2 humble guys doing their part to help

Mr Chua and Mr Hung regularly post videos on Beng Who Cares Foundation’s Instagram page, giving their followers updates on their activities.

They’ve mentioned in multiple posts that they “don’t judge” and emphasise that “anyone” is welcome to approach them for a meal.

It’s clear that these earnest young men are doing this completely out of goodwill. As Mr Hung said in an Instagram video, “(they) just really want to help”.

We sincerely applaud Beng Who Cooks for their efforts, and wish them the best with this movement. Maybe it’ll even inspire more long-term projects to help the needy in Singapore.

Featured image adapted from Beng Who Cooks on Instagram and Instagram

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