Healthy Lifestyle & Weight Loss Save Man From Losing Life To Heart Attack

We’ve heard many times before that exercise and a healthy diet are important in order to lead a long life. For Mr Weber Oh, the proof couldn’t have come in a more jolting manner than a heart attack which he could’ve lost his life to.

Thankfully, his recent decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle saved him.


Now recovered and doing well, he hopes others out there will learn from his story and take care of their health.

Health condition & friends’ passing inspired lifestyle change

In a post in the SG PCN Cyclist Facebook group today (4 Mar), Mr Oh shed some light on what first sparked his lifestyle change.


Diagnosed with high blood pressure (HBP) in 2016 and high cholesterol in 2019, the Head Coach at ALFO Tennis Academy began to worry about his personal health.

The sudden passing of 3 of his tennis friends from heart disease further spurred him to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Committing himself to a strict routine, Mr Oh worked out at the gym, played tennis and went cycling regularly for 9 months.

Dedicated time & effort to be healthier

Speaking to MS News, the ex-national tennis player turned coach gave an insight into just how much discipline the change required.

Gone were the late night meals after long hours of work, which Mr Oh replaced with fruit and vegetable salads for lunch. Dinner comprised meals his loving wife cooked, minus carbs like rice and noodles.

He also practices intermittent fasting, and doesn’t eat from dinner till noon the next day.

As for regular exercises, Mr Oh picked up cycling after an attempt to run with his son failed due to his weakening knees.

Purchasing himself a hybrid bike, he began cycling for long distances 3 to 4 times a week, at one point even clocking a whopping 168km.


Within 9 months, he lost 18kg, reaching a healthy 72kg weight for his 174cm frame.

He also successfully reduced his cholesterol to a safe level. Though his blood pressure went down too, it apparently remained in the unhealthy range.

Had a sudden heart attack & took himself to the clinic

Having made such good progress, Mr Oh never anticipated what was to come next.

On the 7th day of Chinese New Year, he was driving his father to his home for dinner when he felt his chest tightening.


When the sensation spread to his throat and jaw, the First Aid and CPR-trained tennis coach concluded that they were symptoms of a heart attack.

Wasting no time, he dropped his father off before making his way to the nearest clinic.

After an electrocardiogram (ECG) confirmed that he was having a heart attack, a nurse promptly called for an ambulance, which arrived in a few minutes.

Mr Oh was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), where a team of doctors and nurses rushed him to the operating theatre in the nick of time.

The successful procedure happened in under an hour, during which the doctor removed the single blockage he found in Mr Oh’s heart.

Weight loss & first aid knowledge saved his life

Later, the cardiologist explained to Mr Oh that his weight loss had helped save his life.

Had he been at his previous weight of 90kg, Mr Oh’s chances of survival may have been slim.

Mr Oh also shared with MS News how thankful he is for the first aid training he’s had at work.

The knowledge helped him identify the symptoms at a crucial moment, so he could take the necessary actions.

Cherish your health & loved ones

Relieved by the close shave, Mr Oh thanks his lucky stars that he’s still around for his wife and son.

He urges everyone to take care of themselves, by leading a healthier lifestyle and going for regular, full health check-ups.

Indeed, our health is precious and something we shouldn’t take for granted. Let’s do our best to take care of it however we can.

We wish Mr Oh lasting health and happiness, and thank him for this important reminder.

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Featured image adapted from Weber Oh on Facebook and Facebook.