Insanely High 35°C Temperatures Expected In Singapore This March

35°C Temperatures Expected In March 2019

Have you been complaining about how ridiculously hot February was? Well, we hate to crush your hopes, but this warm & dry spell is going to last till the first half of March.


Be prepared to sweat buckets this month because the sun will be out in full force.

High temperatures in first half of March

Temperatures could hit at least 31°C from Monday (4 Mar) till Saturday (16 Mar), with a high of 35°C on some days.

If you’re hoping for some rain, don’t expect anything more than a few passing showers and afternoon thunderstorms.

Overall, the rainfall for the first 2 weeks of March 2019 is likely to be very low.


But cooler weather could come in the later half of the month as temperatures start to fall.


So hang in there for just a little while more for the showers and thunderstorms.

Dry spell from Feb persists

February was “a significantly warm month“, with the daily maximum temperatures ranging between 33°C and 35.5°C and below-normal rainfall patterns.


The highest daily maximum temperature of 35.5°C was recorded in Choa Chu Kang on Feb 9.

Brace yourself for the heat

With the dry spell persisting till March, it’s important that we take the necessary measures to protect ourselves from the heat.


Make sure you are armed with these items when you head out:

  • Sunblock with minimum SPF of 30
  • Water bottle
  • Hat/cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Portable fans
  • Wet wipes

These should be sufficient in protecting you from the heat.

We made it through fiery hot February and we shall make it through menacing hot March too. All the best!

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