MP Lee Bee Wah Explains Hari Raya Banner, Says She Wore Tudung To Show Respect

Mosque Chairman Said Outfit In Banner Is Appropriate, Claims MP Lee Bee Wah

In Singapore, it’s a pretty common sight to see banners in heartlands featuring Members of Parliament (MPs) expressing well wishes to constituents as festive occasions approach.

But a Hari Raya banner featuring MP Lee Bee Wah has become the subject of much social-media discussions of late.

Here’s the banner, in case you’ve not seen it.


On Sunday (17 May), Mdm Lee Bee Wah took to Facebook, explaining that she had worn the Malay baju with tudung to show respect towards the Muslim community.


MP Lee Bee Wah celebrates Hari Raya at Nee Soon mosque every year

According to the post, Ms Lee would celebrate Hari Raya at the Ahmad Ibrahim Mosque in Nee Soon every year.


She would also don traditional Malay costume with tudung to show respect towards the religion.

Her attire in the banner was apparently from one of these sessions. Indeed, the image in the banner seems to be a cropped from this exact picture uploaded in Sep 2017.


Ms Lee explained that Hari Raya banners from previous years would show her and other residents. However, this year, she did not go with that in order “to be sensitive to residents who cannot gather during Circuit Breaker”.

A Hari Raya poster in 2019

She also claims that she had checked with the chairman of the Ahmad Ibrahim Mosque who said her attire pictured in the banner is appropriate.

Hari Raya banner receives polarising comments

The banner has gotten polarising comments from netizens.

This netizen questioned if it was a “mocking gesture” and questioned the intention of the banner.


On the other hand, another netizen described Ms Lee as being “so cute” in the banner.


Good that Ms Lee came out to explain decision

With such contrasting views, it’s great that Ms Lee explained her rationale and intentions for donning the traditional attire.

Now that you know her explanation, what are your thoughts on the banner? Share them in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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