Lee Wei Ling Claims Lee Hsien Loong “Misled Lee Kuan Yew” On 38 Oxley Road House

Following Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s passing, the Lee family home at 38 Oxley Road has become a catalyst for conflict among the Lee siblings.

On Wednesday (15 May), Dr Lee Wei Ling (LWL) took to Facebook once again, claiming that PM Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) had misled their Mr Lee Kuan Yew into thinking that the Oxley Road home was “gazetted” as a “heritage house”.


Dr Lee Wei Ling claims PM Lee lied that house was “gazetted”

Dr Lee alleges that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had misled Mr Lee Kuan Yew into thinking that the 38 Oxley Road home was “gazetted” by the government.


This allegedly formed the basis for PM Lee’s firmness in letting Mr Lee Kuan Yew give the home solely to him.

On 6 Sept 2012, the late-Mr Lee apparently wrote to his lawyer, Kwa Kim Li (KKL) of Lee & Lee, saying that:

Although it has been gazetted as a heritage house, it is still mine as owner.

In addition, Dr Lee Wei Ling asserts that her father – the owner of the house – gave her permission to continue living there.

LKY apparently knew the contents of his will clearly

Dr Lee Wei Ling continued her post by stating that after some time, PM Lee convinced Mr Lee Kuan Yew that it was pointless to convey his wish of tearing down the Oxley Road home in his will as it is already ‘gazetted’.

However, in late 2013, LWL claims that Mr Lee began to grow suspicious over the status of the house.

As a result, Mr Lee allegedly discussed with lawyer KKL if they could ‘degazette’ their house.

The late-Mr Lee was apparently worried that the government would “reverse course” and use the home to Prime Minister Lee’s interest, after his passing. He also had KKL recount the contents of his will.

Dr Lee Wei Ling claims that unlike what PM Lee had alleged, their father was clear on what was in his prior will during his signing of his final will in Dec 2013.

LKY eventually willed LWL living rights in the house

In her post, Dr Lee also said multiple emails were sent between Mr Lee Kuan Yew and KKL to discuss amendments to his 2012 will.

She alleges that Mr Lee eventually came to the conclusion that the government would use the “gazetting” of the Oxley home after his death to benefit PM Lee Hsien Loong.

This, she believes, was what made her father eventually decide on reinstating the clause to demolish the house, which is what he wanted all along.

Mr Lee also gave Dr Lee the rights to stay in the house for as long as she wanted to.

The Fami-Lee Feud, to be continued?

In the Lee siblings dispute, Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang have been vocal about their views and allegations towards their brother.

While many of us look on in confusion at the whole saga, let’s just hope the Lee siblings will reach a consensus soon and reconcile.

Featured image from Property Asia Direct.