This Mahjong Shirt Will Always Have Huatever Tile Your Heart Desires

Mahjong Tile Shirt Available From Taiwan Online Shop

A game that transcends time and appeals to all ages, mahjong is arguably one of the most popular games among Singaporeans.

If you’re familiar with it, you’ll know how painful it is whenever you’re missing a single tile for your winning combination and somehow it never ever comes.

Instead of getting your winning tile, you get a flower to spoil your ping hu
Image courtesy of an MS News reader 

Whose Wear, a Taiwanese fashion company, recently introduced a mahjong tile shirt that has every single mahjong tile printed on it so you’ll always have whatever huatever your heart desires.


Mahjong shirt has every single tile you’ll need to win

One might be inclined to think that there’s ‘too much going on’ when they image a shirt filled with mahjong prints. But think about it this way, it’s basically an elevated gingham or checkered shirt filled with additional Chinese characters, circles, and sticks.


The shirt has every single tile printed on it – minus the animals and flowers – so if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re just super suay and can’t find the elusive tile to complete your winning combination, simply look down and bobi real hard.


While mahjong tiles are made from some pretty solid material, the shirt is weaved together using a cool and breathable fabric. With its over-sized fit, the shirt can be styled both as an outwear or as a piece on its own.


Also cop Fortune Cat shirt for extra luck

If you’re really keen on upping your luck game, you might want to cop this fortune cat – aka fa cai mao (发财猫) – shirt from the same collection as well.


The shirt has porcelain fortune cats printed all over it to help you ‘invite’ prosperity when you’re in the midst of your worst bad-luck streak.


These shirts are available via Whose Wear’s online store for approximately S$31.94 (NTD680).


As part of its newly-launched promotion, customers can enjoy a 5% discount when they order the shirts from now till 15 Jun.

That said, it appears Whose Wear only offers domestic shipping in Taiwan so you’ll probably have to engage a courier service like EZBuy to help bring it over to Singapore.

Helps you diao zhng from midnight till dawn

If you’re hoping to diao zhng till dawn the next time you have an overnight mahjong session, this shirt is a must-cop.

Moreover, people are sure to notice you from a tile away.

While heading over to a friend’s place for mahjong is impossible now due to the Covid-19 situation, we advise placing your orders soon so you’ll have it ready the moment things get better.

Featured image adapted from Whose Wear.

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