Married Man Arrested After Showing His Female Colleague An Obscene Video

To prove their manhood, some men would go to extreme lengths.

For a 41-year-old married Malaysian who’s working in Singapore, he decided to show a video of himself copulating to his 25-year-old female colleague.

Not the actual guy, please

And while he was at it, he bragged about his sexual prowess and described his sceptre of lovemaking to her, according to TODAY Online.

Instead of getting a desirous tongue-biting gaze from her, he got a police report a week after the incident, on 7 Feb. The girl reportedly needed some time before this as she “didn’t know what to do” and sought advice from others.

On Wednesday, the judge sentenced him to 2 weeks in jail — 1 charge for insulting a woman’s modesty and another for possessing 48 obscene films.

Explained that obscene video was a joke

The man attempted to plead his case by saying that he and his female colleague used to joke all the time, and thought that she would see the video as a joke too.

Well, even if you’re Mr Universe, we’re not sure if showing a lady a random video of yourself copulating with another woman makes for good conversation.

What’s more, the man even showed her a picture of a ding dong, which he claimed to be his.


TODAY Online also reports that he told his colleague that he was “power”, most likely in reference to his sexual prowess.

Man’s phone contained 48 obscene films

In case you don’t know, possessing obscene videos is punishable by law.


Which is why when the police arrested the man, seized his phone and found the obscene videos inside, he got an extra charge like fries on the side.

You can read the entire court case here.

There are boundaries when it comes to jokes

The lesson from this should be clear — don’t show anyone a video of yourself or other people copulating.

In fact, don’t show any obscene videos. Sure, you may be on very comfortable terms with your friends or colleagues, but sometimes videos like those really cross the line. And then bam, you’re behind bars.

So much for the man trying to show off his “power”.

Featured image adapted from Visit Singapore, and used for illustration purposes only.