NTU Students Seen Thrusting Their Hips & Chanting Obscenities, Incident Now Being Probed

NTU Students Recorded Thrusting Hips While Chanting Obscenities On Instagram Story

Looks like it’s Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) turn to be in the spotlight for lewd camp activities.

Despite having measures in place to eradicate sexualised games – as reported in The Straits Times on 15 Jun – obscenity continues to mar freshman orientation camps.

Last weekend, a student posted footage showing a group of freshmen chanting an obscene word repeatedly – complete with hip thrusts and groin-pointing – on Instagram story.

A scene from the Instagram story, as seen on STOMP

NTU is currently investigating the incident for “inappropriate student behaviour”.

NTU students cheering obscene word repeatedly

As Instagram stories expire after 24 hours, we were only able to secure the actual footage from STOMP.

The 30-second video comes with an apt warning at the bottom for “sensitive content.”


Dressed in white t-shirts and black shorts, unidentified NTU students kept cheering “kukubird”, which is local slang for the male private part.


They also performed hip thrusts – as seen above – while shaking their bodies. At one point, the student on the right pointed at his crotch too.

You can view the entire recording here.

Cheers not in line with NTU standards

According to The Straits Times, the cheers were believed to be crafted by the students themselves.

Associate professor Victor Yeo, who is deputy associate provost for student life at NTU, was reported to have said,

The cheer is not in line with the standards set at NTU. It runs contrary to the values of safety, respect and inclusiveness.

Prof Yeo added that these values are emphasised in the university’s Transition and Orientation Programme.


Talk of disciplinary action & emotional support

As for the consequences following NTU’s probe, Prof Yeo had this to say:

Any student found to be responsible for allowing, condoning, arranging or participating in such cheers will be counselled and also face disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, NTU would reach out to students who could have been emotionally disturbed by the cheer and provide the support they need.

Questioning the need for sexualised camp activities

This isn’t the first time students have gotten into trouble over inappropriate games during orientation camp.

No thanks to reported lap dances & re-enactment of rape scenes, many universities in Singapore have been thrown into the limelight because of how students conduct themselves.

While some may feel these are “sensationalised” news coverage and that people need to “loosen up”, many have also called out the students for such shocking behaviour.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image adapted from STOMP and Google Maps.

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