Group Of Senior Citizens Gather At Marsiling Bus Stop During ‘Circuit Breaker’

We’re into Day 42 of the ‘Circuit Breaker’ and it seems that while most people are doing their part by staying at home, some groups are still gathering outside.

Shin Min Daily reports on Monday (18 May) that a group of about 40 uncles and aunties are gathering daily at the area next to Block 20 of Marsiling Lane.

Image for illustrative purposes

According to the report, the groups were not practicing safe distancing, going against ‘Circuit Breaker’ guidelines.

You can take a look at the pictures in the Shin Min Daily article.

Uncles and aunties gathering around looking at phones

The scene, which apparently takes place daily between 12-7pm, features large numbers of people sitting around the open area next to the ATM, as well as the bus stop.

Image for illustrative purposes

The hawker centre next to them has had its dining area closed as part of the CB period guidelines.

Presumably, these senior citizens have moved from the hawker centre to the surrounding areas.

Many of them appear to be looking at their phones or gathering around one to watch something.

While it’s not immediately clear as to what they’re doing, one thing’s for sure — there definitely isn’t any social distancing taking place in these scenes.

Police reports apparently made

According to a bus driver whom Shin Min Daily spoke to, the same people have been gathering at the Marsiling bus stop since April.

He told them that he’s called the police twice about the group already, mentioning that he’s concerned about the increased risk of Covid-19 spread.

If found guilty of not adhering to CB period guidelines such as safe distancing, they can be fined $300 or jailed up to 6 months.

Let’s not risk the possibility of creating more Covid-19 clusters by gathering in public like this. We need to stay at home now, more than ever.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps.