Metro Has Up To 90% Off Home Appliances, Toys & Bedding, Score Black Friday Lobangs For The Fam

Metro Black Friday Sale Has Up To 90% Off Kitchenware, Toys & Shoes Till 30 Nov

Before the advent of endless 10.10, 11.11, 12.12 sales, came Black Friday discounts — which traditionally led to snaking queues outside department stores by eager bargain hunters.

This year’s massive Metro Black Friday sale is going both online & storewide till 30 Nov, slashing prices with up to 90% off hundreds of items from nifty gadgets, toys, home appliances and apparel to makeup brands & electronics.

metro black fridayImage courtesy of Metro

Whether it’s buy-2-get-1-free makeup deals for the sis, or 30% off Lego sets for the kiddos, looks like Christmas shopping can be settled in one fell swoop.

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Here are other gift ideas for your loved ones after we’ve scoured the full Metro catalogue for the best Black Friday lobangs.

LEGO Art Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe – $153.93 (UP: $219.90)
Image courtesy of Metro

Up to 70% off home appliances for year-end spring cleaning

Homemakers often endure backbreaking chores to run our households, as they keep our apartments spick & span on a daily basis.

Laundry, for instance, requires patience and a trusty iron to tackle pesky creases on our work shirts. Tefal’s $22 offering could be a great replacement for that rusty antique at home.

Tefal Eco Master Steam Iron – $22 (UP: $49.90)
Image courtesy of Metro

Now that we’re ready to look dapper for work, what about those frizzy hair tips after a late-night bath? An under $70 hair dryer to blow dry those trussed up locks at the end of a long day of hustling could come in handy to catching a few extra winks of sleep.

Philips 2100W Prestige Hair Dryer – $69 (UP: $159)
Image courtesy of Metro

After blow drying our hair, sweeping up straggly hair strands with a broom manually isn’t any fun. As for wired vacuums, motion is limited by having a power source in the vicinity.

Philips Speedpro Cordless Vacuum – $209 (UP: $549)
Image courtesy of Metro

Though a tad pricier, a cordless vacuum like the Philips Speedpro 2-in-1 Handstick helps you reach under those corners to eliminate dust bunnies & hairballs in a jiffy.

Staple pots & pans for every Asian kitchen from $39.90

If you’ve ever watched in anguish as your grilled steak lost its charred surface thanks to a failed pan flip, Happycall pans are the lifehack you’ve always needed.

metro black fridayHappyCall Die Cast Diamond Jumbo Pan – $209 (UP: $549)
Image courtesy of Metro

To uphold the honour of every Asian household’s signature fried rice dish, you’ll definitely need a solid frying pan in your cooking arsenal.

KitchenAid Classic 24cm Frypan – $39.90 (UP: $129.90)
Image courtesy of Metro

For pans, size does matter, so a sturdy 24cm model will ensure that every grain of rice is coated evenly in an egg coat, for that inviting wok hei aroma.

Though wok hei can’t be replicated by induction stoves, some families may prefer the cleaner set-up and absence of smoke while cooking.

Tefal 6-Pc So Chef Set With Induction – $99 (UP: $229)
Image courtesy of Metro

This heavily discounted Tefal 6-Pc pot, pan & utensil set will be a fine addition to any young couple’s starter kitchen, at more than 56% off its original price.

Half-priced rice cookers & steamboat grills for reunion dinners

Main dishes tend to be the star attraction on the dining table, but mum’s home cooked meals won’t be nearly as satisfying without a steaming bowl of jasmine rice on the side.

Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker (1.8L) – $89 (UP: $169)
Image courtesy of Metro

After your kitchen turned into a Work-From-Home (WFH) restaurant this year, it could be time to swap out mum’s older model for Tefal’s 1.8L Rice Cooker, priced at $89..

Starting our mornings with a freshly brewed cuppa daily, can be a rather expensive endeavour if we’re always hitting up cafés for Americanos.

Mayer Digital Coffee Maker – $28 (UP: $79.90)
Image courtesy of Metro

Investing in a digital coffee maker could save you some pick-me-up time every morning, and allow you to customise your espresso beans without burning a hole in your wallet.

The microwave is basically the understated lifesaver of every kitchen — ready to conduct an emergency defrosting for chonky chicken thigh your mum wanted you to take out of the freezer.

Mayer Microwave (20L) – $79 (UP: $109)
Image courtesy of Metro

A quick 2-min heating could also save your chilled meals from the bin via Mayer’s 20L Microwave — yours for a steal at $79.

Mayer Steamboat & Grill (1.8L) – $49.90 (UP: $129)
Image courtesy of Metro

Those who oscillate between a grilled prawn craving and the shiok umami of prawnhead steamboat broth, should have their sights set on Mayer’s 1.8L steamboat pot & grill for under $50.

Corelle dishware & knife sets from $48

They say that a sturdy set of dishes will last most families decades — provided the person on dish duty doesn’t have slippery fingers.

Corelle Silver Crown Dinner Set (18 pcs) – $159 (UP: $280)
Image courtesy of Metro

For a set of 18 plates, soup bowls & serving dishes, Corelle’s understated leaf motifs will easily crown your festive dinner set-up this Christmas at 40% off its original price.

A wide array of knives are required for kitchen work, from skewering hunks of meat for stew, to scoring pork or lamb chops for the grill.

Richardson 6-Pc Knife Block Set – $48 (UP: $139)
Image courtesy of Metro

For aspiring homecooks, a 6-pc set like this $48 bargain from Richardson will be a good place to start.

Up to 70% off bedding, pillows & towels

After 2020’s WFH experience, we all know that a good night’s rest is essential to staying recharged amidst a hectic schedule.

Kinu Bedlinen – Up to 70% off (UP: $159-468)
Image courtesy of Metro

Kinu bedlinen will be on sale from 70% off all bed sizes, transforming our sleeping areas so we can sleep like literal Queens & Kings every night.

Intero Lumier Luxe Fitted Sheet Sets – $69-89 (UP: $139-189)
Image courtesy of Metro

Overstretching our bedsheets can result in loose-fitting fabric which could trap microbes and dust. Do remember to pick out the right-sized designs for your beds, courtesy of Intero’s heavily discounted selection.

M. Maison Bath Towels – 2 for $15 (UP: $19.90 Each)
Image courtesy of Metro

Canopy Bath Towels – 4 for $20 (UP: 51.60)
Image courtesy of Metro 

Stepping out of the shower into a freshly fluffed towel is one of the best ways to destress after a long arduous work day. M. Maison’s pair of bath towels are only going for $15, which means you get a new towel for both you and bae.

Metro Black Friday sale has free home delivery for $150 spend

Now that we’ve outlined the useful home appliances & essentials on sale to help your loved ones zhng their WFH stations & kitchenettes, you may be wondering how to lug everything home.

metro black fridayImage courtesy of Metro

Metro offers a free delivery service if you cart out with $150 spent. Though this may sound like a tall order, savvy buyers will know it’s a fair amount to hit, as long as you collate your orders with the fam.

For more lobangs, feel free to browse this full 70-page shopping catalogue for the full range of deals on cosmetics, innerwear, apparel & accessories.

Do look out for 20% off regular-priced beauty items — including prestige brands like SK-II, Estee Lauder, Lancome, and more.

Stock up early for 2021’s wild ride

2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years, but replacing worn items in our households with lasting brands when they’re on sale, can bring joy to our loved ones.

As we huddle close – in groups of 5 – this festive season, our time spent at home, health and happiness of our family, are definitely things on our checklist to be grateful for.

That said, it’s probably best to get ahead of 2021 by stocking up during these year-end sales, as we’ll never know what curveballs are in store.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Metro.

Featured image courtesy of Metro.

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