Missing mother and daughter are found by Romanian authorities

Yesterday (2 Feb), news of a missing pair of mother and daughter broke. 25-year-old Singaporean Ms Yap Lay Leng, along with her 61-year-old mother Madam Foo Li Kheng, left for Romania discreetly without informing her father on 22 Jan. Her father reported them missing five days later on 27 Jan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said it has approached the Romanian authorities to help Mr Yap in finding the whereabouts of his wife and daughter and they were finally found today (3 Feb).

Romanian police clarified that Ms Yap and her mother were not victims of any crime

The Facebook post also says “We wish them (Ms Yap and her mother) a pleasant stay further in Romania”.

According to a MFA spokesperson, “The next-of-kin has also contacted the two Singaporeans and MFA is in close touch with the next-of-kin.” The MFA will also continue to maintain contact with the Romanian authorities.

Daughter went to Romania to meet her Internet boyfriend of two years


Mr Yap suspected that there was someone expecting the arrival of his wife and daughter in Romania because they have not booked any hotel.

True enough, Ms Yap and her mother were staying at her Romanian boyfriend Alexandru Donea’s place in Vulturesti, a village commune in Olt County about 150km from Bucharest.

Ms Yap decided to travel to Romania to meet him as they no longer want to just meet online but “in the real world”.

Ms Yap and her mother were interviewed by Romanian Television


Their mysterious disappearance had been highlighted by the local media, and now, the whole of Romania is aware of their situation too.

Ms Yap was interviewed by a reporter from Romanian broadcaster Pro TV and when asked why she travelled all the way to Romania, she said she wanted “to meet my (her) boyfriend to work together on YouTube”.


Beyond that, Pro TV reported that Ms Yap and Mr Donea both shared a passion for manga.

Mr Donea, his parents, and Ms Yap’s mother were all present during the interview.

Ms Yap only told a Facebook friend that she was going to Romania

Ms Jerleen Tang, a Facebook friend of Ms Yap’s told the Straits Times today (3 Feb) that both Ms Yap and her mother are currently safe and that Ms Yap is in contact with her.

Ms Tang declined to comment further, saying: “I don’t want to stress her (Ms Yap).”

Mystery solved

Thanks to the MFA and Romanian authorities, Mr Yap can finally find some peace.

They were so far away from home for the first time and Mr Yap was worried that his wife and his daughter would be scammed, so much that he couldn’t sleep at night.

Shin Min reported that Ms Yap’s elder brother had managed to gain access to her computer and discovered that she had erased all files — including photos — before her trip, which made their trip to Romania even more mysterious.

Ms Yap had wanted to visit Europe last year to experience snow but Mr Yap refused to let her go. He said it was not safe to travel to Europe and added, “I told her that she didn’t need to travel so far just to see snow. She could see snow in Asia”.

Perhaps this was one of the reasons why Ms Yap left quietly with her mother because they knew her father would forbid them to go on this journey to Romania.


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Featured image via Romanian broadcaster Pro TV
With reference to The Straits Times, The New Paper