MOH Urges Home Recovery Patients To Await SMS & Not Call Hotlines As Cases Surge

MOH Ground Operations Experience Strain Due To Covid-19 Cases Surge

Home recovery is now possible if you test positive for Covid-19. However, since there’s been a surge in cases recently, some have not received clear instructions.

This has led to many calling various hotlines as well as complaints of lack of instructions as to what to do next.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is streamlining its operations and will contact patients as soon as possible, it said.

It has advised patients to not call the hotlines in a FAQ made in response to worries.

Home recovery patients should wait for SMS instructions

TODAY reports MOH as saying up to 40% of daily Covid-10 cases are on the home recovery programme.

Fully vaccinated people between 12 to 69 years old and that have mild or no symptoms or severe illness/2 or more medical conditions are eligible for the programme.

As a result of the higher number of cases these days, ground operations are “much strained”, MOH said.

So there will be some delays in reaching out to home recovery patients.

In the meantime, MOH has urged patients to isolate themselves in a room at home and to wait for an SMS with more info.

They should wear a mask if they have to leave the room.


Calling hotlines such as the MOH hotline or quarantine hotline will only jam the system more, MOH warned.

The home recovery buddy will get in touch.

Care pack given only if no oximeter at home

Some patients have asked why they haven’t received a care pack.

MOH clarified that care packs are only given if one doesn’t have an oximeter at home.

In these cases, you should contact your home recovery buddy.

The packs will be delivered via contactless delivery.

Groceries and food should be delivered, and if you need medicine, round-the-clock telemedicine services are available here.

For the full FAQ, you can refer to this link.

Home recovery patients as a means of saving hospital beds

Because all household members of a positive Covid-19 case will also need to undergo a Quarantine Order of 10 days, it may prove inconvenient for some who live with other household members.

However, in order to prevent hospital beds from being overloaded, home recovery is necessary.

MOH seeks your understanding during this time. Please don’t panic, and await further instructions via an SMS.

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