Motorcyclists stop by road shoulder & move only when ERP gantry turns off

Motorcyclists stop at road shoulder waiting for ERP gantry to turn off

A video posted by Facebook page recently showed many motorcyclists waiting by the road shoulder. Up ahead was an Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry that was visibly in operation.

Just as the lights on the gantry switched off, the motorcyclists started filtering their way back into traffic and proceeded forward.

By law, motorists should not stop at the road shoulder unless there is an emergency.

Motorcyclists wait along road shoulder in front of ERP

On Sunday (17 March), shared a 21-second clip of motorcyclists waiting by a road shoulder some distance from an ERP gantry.

Source: on Facebook

While motorists may stop there if they have vehicle troubles, these riders appeared to be doing just fine.

With quite a number of them stopping by the road shoulder, a caption in the video said in Malay: “No surprise there’s a jam every day.”

Once the lights on the ERP gantry went off, the motorcyclists began to move forward.

Source: on Facebook

The video caption then quipped: “As long as [they] don’t have to pay the ERP charges.”

Comments urge LTA to take action against errant motorists

Many comments on’s post urged the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to step up enforcement efforts and catch such motorcyclists.

Source: Facebook

Several users even tagged LTA’s Facebook page in the post.

Source: Facebook

On the other hand, one netizen didn’t find any problem with the matter as the motorcyclists don’t block the main road. Their gripe is only with motorists who slow down even in the rightmost lane — which is for overtaking or faster vehicles — just to avoid the ERP.

Source: Facebook

Motorists shouldn’t stop at road shoulder barring emergency

Under the Road Traffic Act, no vehicle “shall be driven, moved, stopped or allowed to remain at rest on any shoulder or verge” barring several exceptions.

Situations where a vehicle can stop along road shoulders include:

  • Vehicle breakdown or mechanical defect
  • Lack of fuel, oil or water
  • Illness, accident, or other such emergencies
  • Rendering in the event of the previous two occurrences

Even then, motorists should not remain stationary for longer than necessary.

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