S’porean Man Redesigns MRT Map To Be Geographically Accurate & It’s Aesthetic As Heck

Singaporean Redesigns MRT Map So You’ll Know Exactly Where You Are In Singapore

Ever wondered why certain stations seem further apart than others but look equidistant on the MRT map?

That’s because they are actually spaced out differently in reality.

To give a better representation of MRT stations in relation to each other, a Singaporean man decided to redesign the map to make it “geographically more accurate”.


Our MRT maps have never looked so aesthetically pleasing, until Mr Cliff Tan came along. His post on Monday (22 Apr) received almost instant virality, garnering over 2,000 shares in just 8 hours.

More geographically accurate MRT map

If you were wondering if this is fake news, from our knowledge it is largely not.

The man behind the stunning map speaks for himself.


However, he also recognises that there are inconsistencies. For example, he did not depict Changi Airport Station within Changi Airport.


Other netizens pointed out potential confusions as well. Raffles Place and City Hall stations are too close to Outram.


Sentosa’s Monorail Line also isn’t under the jurisdiction of our train system but has been included in the map — this could potentially be confusing to tourists.

New future-proofed map

If you thought that was mindblowing, he surprises us further by making a future-proofed version for your use when the new lines are released, taking netizen suggestions into account.


With this new map, more areas are placed in the right positions.

For example:

  • Shenton Way is South of Maxwell
  • Clarke Quay & Chinatown is South of City Hall
  • Singapore River ends at Redhill

He even includes all the piers if you are finding your way to Sentosa, Kusu Island, and even Pulau Ubin.


Furthermore, it is more aesthetically pleasing than previous iterations — plus points for effort.

SMRT please hire him

Netizens are so impressed by the revision of the map that they are asking SMRT to hire this man.


Even if they don’t hire him, we hope that SMRT or our Land Transport Authority (LTA) can implement some parts of his maps into future versions of their own.

After all, it is about time they revised the old maps as more lines are set to be released in the near future.

All that’s left is to wait for the high-res map to be released so us direction noobs can save a copy on our phones.

Featured image from Facebook.

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