Singaporeans Advised To Defer Non-Essential Trips To Malls & Take Safe Distancing Measures Seriously

Despite previous social distancing measures implemented by the authorities, Singaporeans can still be seen out and about even as of Friday (27 Mar).

Singaporeans queueing up to enter Jurong Point 

On Saturday (28 Mar), the Singapore government issued an advisory via the WhatsApp channel, urging Singaporeans to take safe-distancing measures seriously and to avoid any non-essential visits to malls and supermarkets.

Image from WhatsApp

Defer non-essential trips to malls, groceries can be bought online

In the advisory, Singaporeans are advised to only visit shopping centres for essentials, such as food.

Queues are also to be expected, especially during peak hours, likely due to the social distancing measures put in place by stores and malls.

Social distancing measures by Jurong Point

That said, Singaporeans should maintain a 1-metre distance between each other. Failure to do so might result in a fine or jail sentence.


As an alternative, citizens should also consider buying food and groceries online to avoid physical interaction with other shoppers — a critical step to curb transmissions.

Foreign workers and foreign domestic workers are advised to stay home on their rest days and not to gather in public spaces or visit crowded premises.


Hope Singaporeans will heed the government’s advice

We hope Singaporeans will heed the government’s advice and avoid heading out for non-essential purposes during these uncertain times.

The sooner we incorporate these practices into our lives, the sooner the outbreak will be over and under control.

On the other hand, if things do not get better, the government might well be forced to introduce even stricter measures, which would mean even more severe disruption to our lives.

Let’s hope we don’t get there.

Featured image adapted from Facebook