Orchard Eatery Served Alcohol In Teapots Among 23 Outlets Under Probe For Safety Breach

As Singaporeans settle comfortably into Phase 2, many seem to have forgotten that strict safety rules are still in place to minimise Covid-19 infection risks.

Since crowds tend to gather at eateries, authorities are conducting stringent checks to ensure that rules are being followed.

Unfortunately, 23 out of 149 eateries inspected recently were found to have breached safe management measures. One outlet along Orchard Road, was even serving alcohol in metal teapots.


On Tuesday (15 Sep), Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE) said these outlets are currently being investigated for further enforcement action.

Officers patrolled popular nightspots on 12 & 13 Sep

According to a media release from MSE, government agencies stepped up enforcement checks at popular nightspots over the weekend on 12 and 13 Sep.


Out of 149 eateries inspected, 23 had flouted safety measures. Some of the offences include:

  • Having groups of more than 5 seated together
  • Having groups of 5 intermingling between tables
  • Serving and consumption of alcohol past 10.30pm.

Orchard Road eatery served beer in metal teapots

Enforcement officers saw an eatery along Orchard Road serving alcoholic drinks from metal teapots after 11pm to 13 customers.


Upon further investigation, they spotted bottles of beer sold by the restaurant were hidden under a fridge.

Another eatery along the same road heard loud conversations around midnight, despite the place being locked.

Officers gave verbal warnings to open the door, and saw 6 people seated separately inside.

Although no drinks were on the table, CCTV footage revealed that they had cleared alcohol bottles and glasses right before the officers showed up.

3 eateries flouted ‘group of 5’ rule

3 more outlets were found to have flouted the max 5 in a group rule.

An eatery in Chinatown accepted a booking of 10 customers, and allowed them to sit at 2 tables in a private dining room.

Staff claimed that the 2 tables are strangers to one another upon being questioned.

At Boat Quay, another eatery seated a group of 15 across 4 tables. The customers were spotted intermingling across the tables.

Meanwhile, a restaurant in Jurong East let 8 people sit together at a long table.

Enforcement officers are currently evaluating the appropriate enforcement actions to be taken against these errant eateries. This includes temporary closure and fines.

Covid-19 still a grave threat, be socially responsible

Although we are allowed to dine in since the start of Phase 2, we mustn’t forget that Covid-19 remains a serious threat among us.

Dining in at public places is considered a risky activity because we gather in enclosed spaces, and have to take off our masks to eat and drink for a period of time.

Do be socially responsible. We’re sure neither of us wants another ‘Circuit Breaker’ to happen.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.