Netizen Petitions For Teo Heng To Reopen, Karaoke Says Concern From Fans Helps Boost Morale

Netizen Petitions For Teo Heng To Reopen, Receives Over 2,500 Signatures In 4 Days

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many businesses hard, but one industry that was hit harder than most is the karaoke industry.

Since the shutdown of entertainment venues in March, the shutters of Karaoke (KTV) places have remained drawn.

Teo Heng, one of the biggest KTV chains in Singapore, have already shut down several outlets and might have to close more as time drags on.


Despite their financial strain, Teo Heng has maintained the fact that they would continue to pay their staff.

Touched by their commitment, one netizen decided to launch a petition to reopen KTV places. The petition garnered over 2,500 signatures in the short span of 4 days.

Netizen petitions for Teo Heng to reopen

Teo Heng has been a staple for local karaoke fans for the past 30 years.


However, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the company to close its 14 outlets for over 6 months now — a blow to the business that reportedly caused more than $1 million in losses.

Despite the dire situation, Teo Heng’s founder Jackson Teo insisted in March that their valued staff will continue to be paid in full.

Teo Heng petition gets 2,500 signatures in 4 days

One netizen presumably touched by this gesture decided to start a petition in hopes of persuading the government to allow Teo Heng to reopen.


In just 4 days, the petition garnered 2,500 signatures at the time of writing.


The petition stated that if cinemas could operate, authorities should consider allowing KTVs to resume operations too.

After all, with the school holidays coming up, it would give more options for families to spend quality time with one another.

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The netizen who started the petition felt that with appropriate safety measures in place, such as only allowing families in, proper sanitation, and restricted operating hours, this can be done safely.

Netizen felt Teo Heng deserved the support

The netizen also stated that he was moved that the KTV’s boss values his staff and customers beyond profits.

Besides that, the organisation has also done charity work regularly and supported elderly homes in different ways.

Earlier this year, they donated their couches to several elderly homes.

Teo Heng KTV Gifts Closed Branches’ Couches To Old Folks, Comfy Seats Will Support Their Backs

This month, they also hosted elderlies from Hua Mei Care Management Service at one of their closed KTV branch.

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For the netizen, this shows good intentions that Teo Heng’s boss has. He felt that such a “kind soul” deserves not just respect, but support during the pandemic.

Teo Heng thanks public for support

Teo Heng soon became aware of the petition. In response, they thanked the public for their continuous support.

However, they added that they do not wish for the public’s donations, encouraging people to share the petition instead.

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For them, the concern and care shown by supporters were more than enough to boost their morale to continue hanging on.

You can sign and share the petition here.

Let’s continue to do our part and stay safe

2020 has indeed been tough for KTV companies

As many Covid-19 restrictions gradually ease, let’s hope authorities would soon allow places like Teo Heng to resume operations safely.

In the meantime, it’s up to all of us to continue to do our part and stay safe. Hopefully, with everyone’s efforts, the pandemic will soon abate to a point where these entertainment places can reopen again.

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