Ritter Sport Chocolates Are The Ultimate Conscious Snack

Chocolates are the most versatile gifts. You can give them to your crush on Valentine’s Day, your favourite teacher on Teachers’ Day, or get some for yourself whenever the craving kicks in.

Indulging in the sweet treat can be a messy affair, and the first thing you’d probably get rid of is the wrapper.

But if that treat happens to be from Ritter Sport, you might want to hold on to the wrapper instead.

Unlike most food products, Ritter Sport chocolates come in recyclable wrappers, which you can repurpose instead of throwing away.

Since sustainability extends across their entire production process from farm to table, eating their chocolates can be your way of being more environmentally friendly

Ritter Sport sources sustainable cocoa

Besides wrappers that you can recycle, Ritter Sport‘s green efforts also extend to the chocolates themselves, which come from sustainably sourced cocoa.

Partnering with farmers and producer organisations in Nicaragua and West Africa, Ritter Sport grows cacao under socially and ecologically decent conditions.

Their partner organisations also have programmes that aim to improve the ecological, economic, and social situations in cacao cultivation on site.

Go green with Don Choco, the choco-loving sloth mascot

As if yummy chocolates and pretty wrappers aren’t enough to entice you, the chocolate brand also has an adorable, furry mascot that’ll melt your heart.

Don Choco, the friendly sloth from their El Cacao plantation in Nicaragua, has his name translated from the German ‘Mr Chocolate’, which fans picked.

As the story goes, one day, a sloth called one of the many trees in the plantation home and has never left since. Being such a loyal inhabitant, Ritter Sport decided to make him their mascot.


In honour of the endearing creature, Ritter Sport even produced a limited-edition chocolates under its name.

Now that’s a wrapper we wouldn’t want to toss into the trash can.

Ritter Sport harvests cocoa & protects animals at their farm

Imagining Don Choco chilling at a cocoa farm would be quite hard if you thought such places were purely for agricultural and industrial purposes.

But Ritter Sport does it differently at the 2,500-hectare El Cacao farm in Nicaragua, dedicating half the space to growing various other trees and protecting the greenery for future generations.


More trees also mean more natural habitats not only for Don Choco, but for countless other creatures like him that need homes to survive.


Knowing that the brand is preserving the environment in this way, the only guilt nature lovers will get from eating their chocolates is probably all the calories gained.

But who’s keeping track, right?

Plans to carry sustainability efforts into the future

While their efforts are already commendable thus far, Ritter Sport doesn’t wish to stop here.

Already a certified climate-neutral company as of 2020, they hope to continue their environmental efforts.


That means reducing carbon emissions to as close to 0 as possible. They also strive to achieve the following in their journey towards sustainability:

  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Better living conditions and human well-being
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Effective planning and farm management systems

You can read more about their efforts on their website here.

To show their appreciation for customers’ support thus far, Ritter Sport is offering a free 3-ply Face Mask with every purchase of a bundle deal.

From now till 31 Oct, simply buy 4 Ritter Sport Don Choco Dark Milk Chocolate Bars at $10 (U.P. $4.10 each) via The Cocoa Trees website and apply the promo code “DonChocoMSN” upon checkout to redeem a Ritter Sport 3-ply face mask.

Availability is while stocks last only, and terms and conditions apply.

Satisfy your next craving for chocolates while going green

Sweet cravings can come often and while it’s extremely satisfying to scratch that itch, why not turn that guilty pleasure into an environmentally conscious decision?

In an ever-evolving world where we’re all fighting to survive, helping not just ourselves but the environment we live in too is the best way to ensure stability in the ecosystem.

So start doing your part today by consuming eco-friendly products in your daily life.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Ritter Sport.

Featured image by MS News and adapted from Ritter Sport on Facebook.