Angry Security Guard Lifts Unsuspecting Customer’s Table At Singapore Coffee Shop

The term “flip a table” describes someone being furious with another person’s actions.

But to see someone doing that in real life is rare and sometimes amusing, as the action is much harder than it sounds.

A customer at a coffee shop in Singapore however, wasn’t amused when an angry man tried to flip her table while she was having her meal.


Man was arguing with another woman

The video uploaded on All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page shows a man in a navy blue “Security” shirt confronting a woman at the coffee shop.

The woman was wearing an apron, which suggests that she worked there.


What they were arguing about is unclear, but all was calm until the man started pacing around, his anger visibly mounting.

Another woman tried to step in and calm him down, while a family of three closer to the camera continued eating, seemingly oblivious to the ruckus.


For almost 3 minutes, they peacefully went on with their meal while the man raged less than a meter away.

Little did they know that their regular family meal was about to get way more dramatic.

Man lost his temper and flipped

For a moment, the 2 women seemed to have gotten the man’s rage under control.


Unfortunately, his pause was more of a breather, as he approached the nearby family’s table and tried to lift it, causing a bowl of soup to almost tip over and spill onto the woman sitting there.

That proved to be the last straw, as the woman stood up and lifted a stool over her head, threatening to hit the security guard.


The security guard clearly made the wrong move by getting in the way of a woman and her food.

The coffee shop employee had to step in again and break up the fight, but couldn’t stop the woman from flinging a cup at the security guard.


What an expert flick of the wrist.

Police called in

The shooketh man apologised to the woman and her husband, saying “sorry” multiple times for disrupting their meal.


But he didn’t seem to be done with his tirade as he continued shouting until 6 police officers arrived to take control of the situation.


They sat him down and listened to what he had to say, as the video ends there.

Spate of coffee shop fights

There have been a spate of fights breaking out at coffee shops recently, with some taking dangerous turns.

We’re not sure why people are getting so angry these days, but we hope such an incident will not happen again.

Let’s all enjoy our food peacefully and not get at each other’s throats.

Featured image from Facebook.